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For a modest investment, drivers can enhance a vehicle’s interior while improving comfort and extending the lifespan of its seats. Custom seat covers offer aesthetic and practical benefits that can protect the beauty of a new car’s seats or make used ones look new again. Contemporary materials provide durability and elegance that enhance the value of the vehicle. The ease of installation makes them an investment worth considering. Modern seat covers can look like factory upholstery, a remarkable contrast to the first ones that appeared in the ’50s and ’60s, a clear plastic covering. For a small investment, you can enhance a vehicle’s interior while improving comfort and extending the lifespan of its seats.

While seat covers may have initially served only a utilitarian purpose, today materials and designs offer much more. Some materials feel cool to the touch when the temperatures inside a car reach excessive levels or feel warm during the winter, aiding the efficiency of a car’s air conditioning or heating system.


Are Seat Covers Worth It? Yes!

The protection is most assuredly worth it if the expense to value ratio justifies it. Homeowners use elaborate security alarms and electronic notification systems that prevent entry and insurance on homes and vehicles protects them from natural disasters. Our custom seat covers offer a defense against damage and prevent wear and tear as well as mishaps from defacing a new seat and causing undue repair expense.

An investment of a few hundred dollars to preserve the seats in a vehicle that may cost thousands makes sense from an economic standpoint. Our custom-tailored seat covers slip over the original upholstery and fits so snug that they create the appearance of a factory installation.

Our fabrics & materials offer something that appeals to every taste preference that ranges from the conservative and neutral to the sporty, trendy, or luxuriously sumptuous. All of our seat covers offer owners a way to enhance a vehicle’s interior while providing the protection that keeps its seats in excellent condition. A seat cover can contribute to an owner’s identity as someone who enjoys owning a unique attractive vehicle and cares enough about it to protect it.

Our sturdy canvas-like DuraPlus material provides a perfect fabric for custom covers that convey the impression of someone who enjoys the challenges of competition and an active lifestyle. 

Our range of Camo seat covers that seem reminiscent of military garb can cover a car’s seats and send a message about the owner’s preference for off-road and outdoor adventures. We manufacture our custom-tailored seat covers exclusively in the United States where we can control the quality and guarantee a prompt turnaround on orders.

digital camouflage seat covers

The interior of an SUV, pickup, or Jeep can indicate an owners’ preference with just a glance from an observer. Pet lovers can reveal their devotion to animals with our Pet Print seat cover that provides a heavy-duty canvas-type of material to resist the claws of pets that enjoy a ride as often as possible. Each set of our custom seat covers contains everything to make a complete row of seats look original. From a practical and aesthetic standpoint, the investment of a few hundred dollars for classy and long-lasting protection of a vehicle’s seats is most definitely worth it.

Our OE-style Oxford Velour seat cover provides comfort for riders and protection for the upholstery of their car.

Our DuraPlus line features a canvas-like material that repels water and prevents UV damage. It resists tears and punctures while enhancing a vehicle’s appearance and offers comfort with a soft and comfortable foam backing.

The ability of Neoprene and our NeoSupreme to resist high temperatures, even when the car sits in the sun, makes them safe for riders and the underlying upholstery.

Neosupreme Seat Covers

A fabric that is on the leading edge of technology and still an economical purchase, our Carbon Fiber line is in six solid automotive colors or two tones provides a perfect interior for sport or sporty cars. They safely protect the original seats with their antifungal and antibacterial qualities and the ability to resist stain, mildew, and UV rays. With the stylish appearance of a fabric that resembles the feel of leather, our Carbon Fiber material is safe for creating an upscale makeover.

Our Spacer Mesh fabric of contemporary spacer–knit material has a distinctively handsome appearance. With European styling, each EuroSport seat cover incorporates the mesh fabric to provide comfort and breathability for a sophisticated accent for everyday use.

Are CalTrend Seat Covers Universal?

Our Custom Tailored Seat Covers offer the precision that ensures a perfect fit on all popular domestic and imported vehicles.

Custom seat covers are better than universal one-size-fits-all seat covers. The difference between a universal seat cover that fits any vehicle and custom-tailored seat covers that feature a custom-fit is enormous. Our DuraPlus material works well in trucks & Jeeps. Our line of fabrics includes Leather, NeoSupreme, Velour, Carbon Fiber, Spacer-Knit materials, and others that provide the protection and aesthetic appearance that contribute to the enhanced interior of your vehicle.

For the interior of a van that provides rides for everyone in the family, check out our NeoSupreme custom seat cover line in an American Flag or Hawaiian pattern that resists wear, dirt, and coffee spills. The material fits snugly and offers protection from the elements with a wet-suit-like quality that keeps the original upholstery clean and dry. Each precision-cut seat cover creates a custom fit and does not require the removal of the seats for installation.

Custom designs offer superior performance over universal products with a precision fit that creates a beautiful look. As an alternative to Neoprene, our NeoSupreme has the same look, feel, and ability to guard against UV rays that can make your interior look old. NeoSupreme seat covers keep seats clean. Our durable DuraPlus fabric provides resistance to damage from hauling heavy objects and reliable protection during transportation of commercial cargo.

Patriotic Seat Covers

Are Seat Covers Good for Leather Seats?

The appeal of leather car seats in a new car is difficult to resist. They offer a touch of elegance that is almost impossible to ignore. Leather seat covers can retain their beauty with a cover material that prevents accidental damage.

The soft and supple feel of leather seats creates an allure that every driver enjoys, and they offer a level of comfort that makes them a feature of the most expensive vehicles. However, their beauty and elegance can mask the downside of owning a car with leather seats. Owners find out sooner or later that they do not wear well. The tendency of light-colored leather seat covers to stain, wear, and tear makes everyone nervous to use them, a circumstance that can curtail the enjoyment of riding in a car that has them. In a new car showroom, the temperature controls make sure that the seats present a comfortable place to sit, but the high heat and extreme cold weather in the outdoor world present a different set of circumstances.

As a natural material, leather responds to the forces of nature. Leather seats can seem elegant and beautiful in a new car showroom but can lose their luster sooner than owners may anticipate. Our faux leather seat covers offer a perfect solution that creates the appearance of the elegance of leather without the problems of natural leather. With the look and feel of natural leather, our exclusive I Can’t Believe it’s Not Leather (registered) seat covers prevent stains, cracks, and tears from damaging the original upholstery. Safe from the Sun’s UV rays, wear and tear, dirt, pet’s feet, and abrasions, our leather upholstery benefits from a seat cover that protects it and extends its lifespan. The look of leather in any vehicle reflects well on the state and sophistication of the owner. With reinforced seams and a soft foam backing, our faux leather covers have the strength and durability to provide the service that customers expect from our high-quality line of products.

Are Seat Covers Safe for Car Seats?

Our seat cover fabrics provide a smooth and safe surface for the original vehicle upholstery that they cover. They protect the original seats from natural wear and tear from people getting in and out of cars and present a clean and crisp appearance. The snug fit that they provide wraps firmly around car seats and provides support that prevents the edges from suffering any damage. Our plush velour is a soft and sumptuous fabric that beautifies the interior of any Car, Truck, Van, and SUV.

Are Seat Covers Tacky?

Anyone who thinks that a seat cover seems tacky probably has not looked at our US made Custom Seat Covers. The earliest covers of clear plastic that introduced the concept of protecting auto upholstery in the middle of the 20th century do not resemble the elegant, sporty, or sumptuous fabrics that our engineers and designers use today. The material in each seat cover and quality of workmanship make it difficult to distinguish our products from original factory equipment. Most people who wonder if seat covers are tacky may not know the difference when they see a car that has them. Our products give an owner a just reason to take pride in the appearance of a vehicle that uses our beautiful custom products.

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