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CalTrend Ships Free around the world for Military Members

In honor of those risking their lives for our freedom, CalTrend offers free shipping to our troops stationed around the world. We salute members and families of those serving in the Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, National Guard, Navy and the U.S. Air Force.

How to take advantage of this Free Shipping

  1. Choose your seat covers
  2. Select Add to Cart
  3. Select Proceed to Checkout
  4. Enter your Shipping Address

CalTrend is proud to honor every branch of the American military, along with military families and the sacrifices they make when their loved ones are abroad. This is why we are proud to offer free shipping to American military personnel around the world. We happily support our troops and their families 365 days a year, not simply on select holidays. As a reminder, our products are made and our materials are sourced 100% in the USA.

Are you a member of the American Armed Forces and are stationed abroad? That’s not a problem. We will happily ship our seat covers to you where you are stationed. In appreciation of the sacrifices you’ve made, and continues to make, we are more than happy to send you our seat covers free of shipping charges. If you’re looking to benefit from our military free shipping, simply search our inventory, choose your preferred seat cover pattern/fabric, select your vehicle and choose add to cart. When entering your shipping information be sure to choose the correct military shipping address. We will get your seat covers shipped out as soon as possible. You can count on CalTrend!