Which Leather is Best for Seat Covers?


Which Leather Is Best For Car Seats?

When you want to get seat covers for your car, you can choose from several options. Some families will choose fabric or neoprene, but there are amazing leather seat covers that will make your car look amazing. Plus, you can clean a good seat cover easily. Read more to learn how you can choose seat covers that are perfect for your vehicle.

Split leather

Split leather is a good thing for you to choose when you want a soft seat cover that is easy to pull over each seat. Split leather tends to be thinner than the leather on your shoes, but it has a lining on the back that makes it very strong. Split leather seat covers feel very smooth, and you can sink into them because they are not all that thick.

However, you may want to use a heavier seat cover if you have children or people getting in and out of your car all day long.

Pebbled Leather

Pebbled leather is stamped with a nice pattern, and these leather seat covers tend to be a bit thicker because only thick leather will look good when it is stamped. However, you might have a hard time pulling these covers over some of your seats. Ensure that you have measured properly when you are buying these seat covers so that you know they will fit.

These covers are perfect for long trips when you want to feel supported by the seat. You can still remove the covers to wash them, and they are harder to damage.


Suede seat covers are perfect for you if you want your car to feel luxurious when people get in. The low hair on suede or nubuck seat covers is enough to give people a good impression when they get in the car. However, these seat covers are not as fragile as your suede shoes. You can waterproof these seat covers to make sure that they are not damaged by rain or dirt. Plus, these seat covers are still easy to pull over each seat.

Padded leather

Padded leather is a good way to make your car a little bit more comfortable. However, you need to choose a seat cover that will be washable. If the padding underneath is in bad condition, you will smell any odors coming from the padding. The great thing about Padded leather seat covers is that they can be properly washed. You can choose padded leather seat covers based on how warm you want them to be, too. Some seat covers come with a soft fleece pad, but others have a heavy pad made for people who live in cold climates. Plus, padded seats will help trap heat from the seat warmer that might be installed in your car.

Faux leather

Faux leather is the most economical and simplest way to cover your car seats. You can get a faux leather seat cover that is easy to stretch over each seat, and you can clean these covers in the washing machine. Plus, the seat covers are easy to wipe down when you are cleaning your car after a long trip.

The faux leather seat will retain its color for long periods of time, and they are affordable if you want to add them to your car before a long trip. Faux leather seat covers help you retain the value of your car because they are waterproof. Any spills or leaks in the car will not soak into the seat underneath, and you can let the seat covers dry out without pulling them from the car.


Choosing leather seat covers for your car requires a bit of research and thoughtfulness. You can choose nice covers for the seats that will help you remain comfortable when you sit down, and you can order seat covers that are easy to clean, easy to pull over each seat, and soft. Choose something simple like faux leather if you have kids, and remember that a seat cover is very easy to clean. Plus, these covers help you retain the value of your car when you come to sell it many years from now. It’s up to you to decide whether a leather interior necessarily includes genuine leather seat covers.  Either way, it’s best to go with custom fit seat covers which fit your seats nice and snug as opposed to universal fit covers which often look unsightly. 

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