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Lexus RX350 Seat Covers

The Lexus RX 350 is both luxurious and powerful, making a statement that's prestigious. It's also very adaptable as SUV's are designed to be. CalTrend can make your set of Lexus RX 350 seat covers with the same prestige and luxury, with protection that adapts to the way you live your life.

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Prestige and Protection

The styles and fabric choices we have to offer include some sophisticated looks. When you combine that with our reputation for quality, you can create a look that’s phenomenal. We offer trendy Carbon Fiber fabric that offers a sleek, racing feel. If you want a more luxurious touch, you’ll appreciate our leather and MicroSuede options. For the same look in a more budget friendly fabric, you should consider our I Can’t Believe It’s Not Leather® fabric. All provide UV-ray protection and two-tone color choices that will look stunning. You probably didn’t know Lexus RX 350 seat covers could look so good!

Unmistakable Quality

At CalTrend, our quality standards are high and come from over 20 years of being focused on one thing: seat covers that deliver 100% customer satisfaction. With that as our compass, we have continued to innovate and improve to deliver the most reliable OEM seat protection you can find with the fastest turnaround time in our industry. We’ve done that by both designing our own seat covers for the perfect fit and easy installation. Then we manufacture them to exact specifications in our California manufacturing facility that features state of the art technology. We rigorously test every fabric we use and apply the best in stitching and cutting techniques. As a result, when you place your order, we’ll make it to order and back it up with our two-year warranty. Let us make a set of Lexus RX 350 seat covers for you that is a prestigious and reliable as you expect.