Volkswagen Seat Covers

Custom Seat Covers That Stand Up to Real Life

A lot of your life takes place in your car, and that means your interior is going to be subjected to scrapes, scratches, dirt and the occasional cup of coffee. CalTrend gets this, which is why our custom-made Volkswagen seat covers are available in fabrics, from Retro Camo to EuroSport, that not only look great but are resistant to the effects of your active lifestyle. They all come in multiple colors, too, so they’re sure to match your Volkswagen’s interior. Installation of our seat covers is easy since they’re made to the exact measurements of your make and model using our state-of-the-art CAD/CAS systems.

We Have Your Perfect Match

Whether you want the traditional elegance of leather or the durableness of NeoSupreme, CalTrend has the fabric you want with the possibility of even more customization depending on your choice. If you have trouble deciding what the perfect match for you is, don’t worry. Our friendly sales representatives are available to help you find the Volkswagen seat covers that are a perfect fit for your style and needs. Once you place your order, our team gets to work custom-making your seat covers and, with 25 years of experience, you know we’re going to make them right and get them to you fast. In fact, we have one of the fastest turnaround times in the auto accessories industry. If you’re not completely satisfied, though, all of our products come with a standard two-year warranty.