CalTrend Seat Cover Install 2015 Ford F-150

CalTrend Seat Cover Install.  The Ford F-150 pickup is one of the best selling light-duty trucks in the market. Truck owners often use the vehicle for a variety of purposes from work, outdoor hunting and fishing excursions, or military/police applications where entering and exiting the vehicle occurs many times during the day. For these F-150 owners, it’s important to protect their investment, as it’s almost certain the wear and tear of gear, moisture and UV rays will damage the interior upholstery. Many truck owners opt for a popular set of camouflage patterned seat covers. But they don’t always provide adequate protection, fit loosely,  and are uncomfortable to sit on.Fortunately, CalTrend Custom Seat Covers introduced Tuff Camo; premium grade seat covers that feature a lacquered topcoat which combines maximum durability with a soft comfortable feel. Tuff Camo seat covers are the most rugged stain, water and abrasion-resistant camouflage-patterned seat covers available on the market. They also offer protection from accidental punctures, mildew, cold cracking, and UV exposure.Available in two patterns, Hardwoods and Marsh, CalTrend’s Tough Camo seat covers are easy to install onto the 2015 Ford F-150. Using CAD/Cam design and patterns, the seat covers are custom fitted to fit standard cab, super cab and super crew models.  CalTrend also adds reinforced seams and a laminated foam backing for additional comfort, and the front seat covers are constructed with an extra large gear pouch on the back.On the 2015 Ford F-150, the Tuff Camo seat covers simply slip over the factory seats and are secured with built-in, double stitched straps that are routed under the seat cushions and won’t interfere with under-seat storage systems. Front and rear seat head rest covers are also included and use wide sewn-in Velcro strips to hold them securely in place. In addition CalTrend is the only seat cover company that contacts you when you order, to double check on the proper configuration of your truck’s interior. In most applications your custom made seat covers are also delivered to you within a week.  Tuff Camo seat covers are exclusive to CalTrend and are also available for a variety of make and model trucks and SUV’s. For additional information on selecting the right seat covers and choices of fabrics and colors for your vehicle, visit  CalTrend is the leading provider of 2015 Ford F-150 leather seat covers.

CalTrend’s Tuff Camo seat covers offer two popular camouflage patterns and provide high abrasion resistance, protection from accidental punctures, moisture and mildew, and is resistant to cold cracking, stains and UV exposure.

The factory leather seats on this 2015 F-150 can receive lots of wear and potential damage from UV rays if left uncovered.

Seat bottom covers also have side straps that must be tucked between the cushion and the plastic seat frame covers so they can be accessed from under the seat.

The straps at the front of the seat covers are tucked under the seat.

Pull the seat cover fabric through the gap between the seat cushions and locate the heavy-duty clips. These attach to the straps that were tucked under the seat and are adjusted to a snug fit.

The seat back covers are slipped in position and the bottom fabric with sewn-in elastic straps and S-hooks are tucked through the gap between the seat cushions.

Take the S-hooks from the elastic straps and secure them to the underside of the seat frame.

The seat back covers also have elastic straps and S-hooks that are pulled and connected under the seat frame.

CalTrend pre-cuts holes for the seat cover to fit around the factory head rest tabs.

Headrest covers are also included in the kit and are held in place with sewn-in Velcro strips.

On this Super Cab model, the rear seat covers install in a similar way, by first slipping them over the factory seat back cushions.

The bottom of the covers are tucked in between the seat back and bottom cushions.

Heavy-duty adjustable straps and clips secure the CalTrend covers to the seat backs.

The seat bottom cushion covers install in the same manner tucking the heavy-duty straps between the cushions . Attaching and adjusting the heavy-duty straps secure the cover to the seat cushion.

Rear headrest covers are also included in the kit and are held in place with sewn-in Velcro strips.

Once installed, the upholstery in this 2015 Ford F-150 will be well protected and the seat covers are compatible with factory side air bags.

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