What You Need to Know: Car and Truck Seat Upholstery Repair and Replacement

When you first purchase or lease a new car, you have all the good intentions of keeping it clean and in tip-top condition. But then, life happens. From spills to dirt/mud to family pet mishaps and even the sun and other damaging environmental factors, everyday wear and tear on your vehicle’s interior is inevitable.

To update or refresh your car or truck’s interior, you may consider starting with the seats—a full reupholstery of your seats or deciding to use slip-on seat covers.

Of course, some of the interior is easier (and less expensive) to completely replace than others—purchasing new floor mats to replace the old, for example, will only set you back around $40 per mat as a starting price. But the truth of the matter is: It all adds up. It can be expensive to replace your damaged car or truck upholstery. Here, we discuss three factors to consider when updating the interior seats of your car, truck, or SUV.

1. Cost

When you have your vehicle’s seats professionally reupholstered, the entire fabric will be replaced with a new material of your choice, with foam padding added as well. Some car upholstery companies will also include seat spring replacements as needed. The average cost for vehicle seat reupholstery including professional installation is $1,000–$2,000 for two bucket seats or a bench seat, depending on your vehicle.

2. Repair vs. Full Replacement

If it’s a small section of the seat’s upholstery that is frayed, it may be possible to repair the damage rather than replace the upholstery on the entire seat. For older car or truck models, replacing just one damaged seat may be more difficult. You’d have to find an exact material and color match. Check with your local upholsterer if you run into issues deciding the right material and color.

Full replacement of all your car or truck seats can be costly. If you’re ready to invest in new upholstery to replace the original factory material, do your research on materials that offer better protection from damaging environmental factors. Also look for materials that are durable so they won’t easily fray or tear. As we know, the everyday messes are still going to happen.

3. An Alternative Option: Custom Slip-On Seat Covers

A third option to consider when deciding how to protect your vehicle’s seats is to use custom slip-on covers. Custom slip-on seat covers offer good protection, comfort, and durability, but at a lesser cost. The average cost for CalTrend custom-fit slip-on covers is $150–$300 per pair of bucket seats or for a bench seat.[2]

Custom slip-on seat covers fit snugly over your vehicle seats. For the best protection for any future damage, materials like DuraPlus, NeoPrene, and Faux Leather are highly recommended.

Ready to Refresh Your Seats?

If you choose to protect and beautify your vehicle’s seats without completely reupholstering the original factory seats, and are considering the custom slip-on cover route, CalTrend experts are here to help.

CalTrend has a team of experienced auto enthusiasts whose goal is to help you make the best decisions. CalTrend offers custom slip-on seat covers for Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Jeep, Ram, and Toyota. Shop by Vehicle.

Still deciding? All of our custom seat covers are covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on workmanship and craftsmanship. We’re happy to help answer all your questions. Contact us for more information.

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