2016 Toyota Corolla Seat Cover Protection From Caltrend

Seat covers are one of the best ways to protect the upholstery on any vehicle. They protect the factory seats from moisture, UV rays, and accidental spills that can stain or cause your vehicle’s seats to deteriorate faster over time. Unlike other seat covers that fit the basic seat shape, manufacturers like Caltrend design custom fitted seat covers that are easy to install and fit the exact contours of the factory seat.

In addition to a perfect fit, Caltrend seat covers offer a variety of fabrics and styles that can also help to transform a typical boring interior to one that looks custom. In this example, Caltrend took a 2016 Toyota Corolla with a factory beige interior outfitted with cloth seats and upgraded them using a two-tone seat cover that looks like a custom leather upholstery. The company’s I Can’t Believe It’s Not Leather® fabric has the look and feel of leather, but at a much more affordable price. In addition, the fabric offers superior mildew, UV ray and abrasion resistance that also protects the factory upholstery.

The installation is simple and the Caltrend custom seat cover kit includes headrest covers and utilizes heavy-duty straps that secure the seat covers in place so they don’t move around as you enter or exit the vehicle. The installation began by identifying the covers for the front driver and passenger seats, followed by the rear bench seat covers. The covers easily slip over the factory seat back and bottom cushions, securing them with the attached straps and hooks.

Once the installation was complete, this red Toyota Corolla’s interior was completely transformed with a two-tone appearance, that also adds the luxurious feel of leather. For more information on Caltrend’s I Can’t Believe It’s Not Leather®  seat covers, or the company’s line of other seat cover fabrics and colors, visit www.caltrend.com.


This 2016 Toyota Corolla has a nice interior, but it’s rather bland and needed additional protection from UV rays, moisture, and abrasions.

This photo of the underside of the bottom seat cushion shows the strap configuration that secures the cover in place under the seat.

The first step is to remove the factory headrests.

The seat cover is pulled over the seat back and the bottom flap is tucked between the seat cushions.

The factory seat back flap is unhooked allowing the seat cover straps to be pulled out from between the cushions.

The seat cover for the bottom cushion is placed on top with the straps tucked between the two cushions.

From the back of the seat, the straps are gathered and pulled through.

The straps for the bottom cushion cover are accessed from under the seat and threaded through the heavy-duty buckles and pulled tight to secure the cover in place.

The straps for the top seat back cover are pulled and are hooked to the seat frame underneath.

The factory seat back flap is replaced and the back of the Caltrend seat cover also hooks under the seat.

Caltrend pre-cuts the holes for the headrest anchors.

Headrests are held with Velcro strips.

The rear seat covers install by first removing the seat belts from the retainer and by removing the headrests.

The seat back covers are slipped over the rear seat cushions.

The bottom of the seat back cover is tucked between the cushions and is held with straps from behind the seat.

The second seat back covers are installed in the same manner.

To install the rear seat bottom cover, it must be removed from the vehicle by pulling it up and out from its retaining hooks.

From under the rear seat cushion, you can see how the heavy-duty straps are connected and hold the seat cover in place.

Once the seat cushion is reinstalled, the seat looks incredible.

From start to finish, the entire installation took about two hours with no special tools. As you can see the results dramatically change the look of this Toyota Corolla’s interior.

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