All About Santa Ana

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Santa Ana, California is located adjacent to the famous Santa Ana River and is less than 10 miles away from the coast. The city was founded in 1869. It’s the official second largest metropolitan area in the U.S. Santa Ana spans across 27.5 square miles. All but 0.2 square miles is land.



Orange County’s second most populous city. It’s also the country’s 57th most-populous one. It is home to an estimated 334,217 residents.

Santa Ana is the fourth most densely populated places in the country as well. There are over 12,471.5 people per square mile. According to Forbes, It is also reportedly one of the safest in the United States too.


Santa Ana generally has a hot semi-arid climate. It is dry and hot in the summer. The winters are mild with only a moderate amount of rainfall.


The city is separated into several different districts. The city’s hub is the downtown section. Here visitors will find housing, retail areas and such noteworthy locations as the Santa Ana Civic Center, as well as the Ronald Reagan Federal Building. There are also a number of historic homes that date back to the 1800s. As development occurs the preservation of these residences are a key issue for some of the locals.

North of this is the popular “Midtown” district. Stroll down Main Street and explore the Bowers Museum, the Discovery Science Center and the MainPlace Mall. The East Side includes the Santa Ana Zoo which is perhaps best known for its noteworthy group of monkeys and other animals from both South and Central America.

The city’s southeast end is both a part of the official South Coast Metro area and the neighboring city of Costa Mesa. While this area does include apartment buildings and high-rise offices. In fact, the Yokohama Tire Corporation and Banc of California both have headquarters here. The highlight here, however, is a major shopping center known as the South Coast Plaza.

Additional Attractions, Sites of Interest and Recreational Areas

Santa Ana offers a lot to first-time visitors. There’s the beautiful Chiarini Fountain which was created by Chiarini Marble & Stone. At the center of the city’s Artist Village is the CSUF Grand Central Art Center.

Santa Ana also has a number of parks including the Delhi Park and the El Salvador Park ensconced in the Artesia Pilar neighborhood. Other potential tourist stops include the Community College District, the Downtown Santa Ana Historic Districts, the El Centro Cultural de México, and the Santa Ana College. There’s also once rural which includes structures that are more than 100 years old.

If that’s not enough, beaches such as Newport Beach and Huntington Beach can be found about 20 minutes to the south via the 55 freeway. The communities along the coast are good for boating, dining, shopping, surfing, and swimming. Finally, amusement parks such as Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland are just northwest of the city.

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