Hyundai Kona Seat Covers

While Hyundai owners value the versatility, reliability and economy that their vehicles provide, they don't exactly skimp on looks, either. CalTrend offers a wide range of custom-made Hyundai Accent seat covers that deliver performance, utility and comfort, keeping your seats clean while getting the exact look and feel you desire.

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Fast Delivery and a Custom Fit

Hyundai Kona drivers don’t just pick their vehicles for “sensible” reasons. Underneath the roominess, comfortable ride, impressive drivability and long warranties, these cars also score impressively in the aesthetics department. CalTrend’s Hyundai Kona seat covers are the perfect solution, built to protect car seats while looking amazing at the same time. Want even better news? You don’t have to wait on these seat covers. CalTrend offers the fastest delivery rates in the industry, with processing and delivery for most order completed in as little as 2–5 business days. You also won’t have to struggle with getting these covers on your seats. Installation is quick and easy, and every seat cover is manufactured in the USA using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems. Each one is fabricated with the specific dimensions for its make and model to ensure an optimal, tailored fit.

Convenient, Dependable Protection

Another great thing about CalTrend Hyundai Kona seat covers is the choice of fabrics, with a wide range available for each driver’s needs and lifestyle. Pet lovers will love Pet Print, crafted from hefty canvas-like material that keeps Fido or Fluffy from scratching up the seats while still offering incredible levels of comfort for human passengers. If you’re more worried about water damage and spills in your vehicle, Neoprene is an excellent choice. This water-resistant fabric shields against fading and mildew while the extra cushioning delivers optimal comfort. Order your next seat covers and get reliable protection, along with 100% customer satisfaction.

Don’t settle for universal seat covers which usually result in an imprecise fit. CalTrend seat covers are custom-designed for your Hyundai Kona. Take your pick from a wide variety of fabrics and patterns which include camo, pet print, Hawaiian, neoprene, faux leather and neosupreme. CalTrend Hyundai Kona back and front seat covers are top-quality and match beautifully with any number of dash covers.