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NeoSupreme Seat Covers: Common Questions

neosupreme seat covers

Part of what is involved in designing a perfect custom interior is choosing the right material for the seat covers, and the most popular choice, in this case, is NeoSupreme. When you go shopping, you will probably come across another type of seat covers known as Neoprene. However much these two sound similar, they are entirely different, and all have their advantages and disadvantages.  

What is a NeoSupreme Seat Cover?

NeoSupreme is an alternative fabric that offers most of the benefits offered by Neoprene seat covers but at a lower cost. NeoSupreme is a kind of faux material that tends to mimic Neoprene in both its functional and aesthetic qualities. They both have a similar look and feel, and seat covers made from NeoSupreme fabric are waterproof. Here is why the NeoSupreme fabric is highly recommended:

  • A low initial cost for the NeoSupreme fabric
  • This fabric has a backing which makes it easy to create durable seams and stitches
  • This fabric creates a fitted look for covers without wrinkles that are normally as a result of stretching.

How To Install NeoSupreme Seat Covers

NeoSupreme seat covers have become popular seat covers because they have proven their quality through different advantages. These seat covers are made of fabric that allows for excellent flexibility and elasticity for a passenger to sit and relax. However, knowing how to install these seat covers is crucial since, without the right installation, you will not experience the promised comfort as you travel. Here are the steps for installing NeoSupreme seat covers.

  1. Start by looking for the headrests in your seats since you must remove them so that you can comfortably fit your NeoSupreme seat covers. In most cars, the headrest is removable so you should not have problems with it. In some car brands, there are tabs close to the legs of the headrest, and you can press them or use them as an open button to remove the headrest.
  2. After removing the headrest, start installing your seat cover to the seat from the upper side. If your car seat has an armrest, be sure to press it upwards so that you can easily slide in the seat cover.
  3. Beginning from the head, roll down the NeoSupreme seat cover down until the cover gets to the bottom of the seat. Now press the bottom flap of the NeoSupreme seat cover leading to the opening between the base and back of the seat. If your car seats are foldable, it is advisable that you fold them so that you can easily install your seat cover.
  4. After that, begin with the bottom seat cover and push the NeoSupreme seat cover from the front of the seat to cover the sitting area and the buckle under the seat. Most of these seat covers come with side hooks which you can clip or attach to the buckles so that the seat cover stays fit at all times.

Once you’re done with the installation, reinstall your headrests and while doing so, be sure to stretch your seat cover correctly so that it is snug. It is advisable to take a lot of precautions while adjusting the airbags if your seats have airbags integrated into them. This is to make sure that the seat covers do not block the airbags. Blocking your airbags could cause serious risks in the event of an accident.

NeoSupreme seat covers are made of a very superior quality fabric that will apparently serve you for quite a long time. When this is coupled with proper installation, you will have not only durable but also flexible and comfy seat covers.

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