Installing Caltrend Seat Covers To A Nissan Titan XD

Nissan’s Titan XD pickup is the latest heavy-duty pickup that has increased capabilities and performance which makes it very popular with truck enthusiasts. With a re-designed interior, manufacturers such as Caltrend® created a set of high-quality seat covers that are designed to protect the factory upholstery from damaging UV rays, moisture, dirt, and abrasions.

While most seat covers are temporary and are designed to fit over a variety of make and model vehicles, Caltrend designs its seat covers to fit tight over the factory upholstery and provide a custom appearance from a variety of prints and two-tone color options available. With fabrics such as I Can’t Believe It’s Not Leather®, Dura-Plus, Super Suede, NeosupremeVelour and the almost indestructible Tuff Camo, Titan XD owners can select the right combination of that matches their lifestyle and level of protection.

To ensure a precise fit, Caltrend’s use of CAD/CAM manufacturing processes, as well as high-quality nylon straps, heavy-duty clips and double-seam stitches, ensure the covers stay on, and can handle daily abuse.

Installation is easy, as the seat covers slip over the factory seat backs and bottom cushions, and are secured using built-in, double stitched straps that are routed under the seat cushions and won’t interfere with under-seat storage systems. Front and rear seat head rest covers are also included and use wide sewn-in Velcro strips to hold them securely in place. In addition, the driver and passenger side seat covers have a large pocket on the back and are also fully compatible with factory side airbags. For additional information on selecting the right seat covers and choices of fabrics and colors for your vehicle, visit

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