Volkswagen GTI Seat Covers

When you're driving your Volkswagen GTI through the city streets with a coffee in one hand and one eye on the GPS, spilling your drink is the furthest thing from your mind. If you did, though, your custom-made stain-resistant Volkswagen GTI seat covers would laugh it off, and spill-resistance is just one of the features available on our wide variety of fabrics.

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Durable Fabrics

Of course, your VW GTI does more than get you through the city traffic. It takes you to class, down to the beach, up into the mountains and even home for Thanksgiving. All of that travel wears on your seat covers, but you don’t worry about it because your Volkswagen GTI seat covers were made by CalTrend, here in the USA, out of scuff-resistant DuraPlus, which also resists UV rays and mildew. With protections like that, you know they’re going to last for years and look great the whole time. They were easy to install, too, since CalTrend uses state-of-the-art computer software to design and manufacture their covers to your car’s specifications. Plus, your custom-made seat covers also came with the matching armrest, headrest and console covers. This kind of service over their 25 years of operations is why CalTrend is known as the seat cover specialists.

Something Different Just For You

If you’re looking for something different, check out the variety of seat covers available with print patterns on them. They’re designed specifically to liven up your car with a unique style. They’re also durable and easy-to-maintain, just like all our fabrics. Patterns include Pet Print, Hawaiian, Camouflage and Patriotic US Flag. We know your car is special, which is why we custom-make your Volkswagen GTI seat covers just for you. That’s right; we don’t keep anything in inventory. Thanks to our advanced manufacturing techniques, we have 90% of our orders drop-shipped in two to five days. If you have any questions, contact our friendly customer-service staff. They’ll help you find the perfect match.