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Steady and dependable, your Dodge takes you on every adventure and gets you to every special occasion. With all journeys, messes happen along the way. From muddy boots to spilled drinks, your seats see it all. We understand life's mishaps which are why we have spent decades designing and manufacturing top-quality Dodge seat covers.

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Dodge is the iconic muscle car brand that Americans know and love. Dodge makes such a wide variety of vehicles to solve the problems of every American. Whether you need a truck, a sedan, a sports car, a van, an SUV, or crossover, Dodge has many stylish and powerful models to choose from. In fact, Dodge even makes vehicles, such as the Challenger SRT Demon, that crank out 840 horsepower. The Dodge Viper is also the most affordable supercar on the market and is a lot easier to maintain than their Italian rivals. It can take a virtual pit crew to keep some of the Italian supercars on the roads.

The Dodge Durango and Dodge Caravan have maintained a high status as quality family vehicles. They are not over-engineered like many of the German vehicles. When repairs are required, they are usually very basic wear-and-tear issues. You can’t go wrong when you purchase a Dodge vehicle because they all have that bad-boy styling and pizzaz. And they are perfect for racking up the miles and worth financing to own for a long time. Dodge vehicles have an attitude and sass that makes them hard to pass up when you are shopping for a new replacement vehicle.

Ride in Style

Make your seats as unique as you are. For the rugged outdoorsman, we have Mossy Oak and other camo seat covers that are durable, water, stain, grease, and abrasion-resistant. For the active family that is constantly on the go, NeoSupreme is a versatile option. It is made from a material similar to a wetsuit, so this fabric is water repellant, making it a perfect fit for those who like spending time fishing, going to the lake or beach, or going to the pool. If you prefer to ride in luxury, we have leather and our trademarked I Can’t Believe It’s Not Leather seat covers. For those wanting a touch of sophistication, our tweed covers are sure to please. With over a dozen material choices that come in various colors, we have the seat covers that match your style.

Quality Matters

Your satisfaction matters which is why we invest so much time and research in manufacturing a seat cover that is guaranteed to fit. Our Dodge seat covers are made-to-order, so it is exactly to the specs of your vehicle and your style. Quality matters to us, and we know it does to you, too, which is why we use industry-leading technology for precision cutting and top-quality stitching and webbing. We pay attention to details that are important to you like extra-large rear pockets.

We proudly make our seat covers exclusively in the USA which is one reason we have the fastest shipping in the industry. Our seats are also easy to install and require no extra tools. Order today so that your seats are covered for all the future tomorrows.

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