Installing CalTrend Custom Seat Covers On A Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited

One of the sure things about owning a Jeep is that dirt, mud, and moisture will undoubtedly find their way onto the upholstery. This is one of the reasons why many Jeep owners install a set of heavy-duty seat covers to protect their vehicles from the elements, especially when driving on trails with the top down.

But not all Jeep seat covers have to look like a canvas sack over your factory interior. Manufacturers like CalTrend, make custom fitted seat covers in a variety of fabrics and colors that actually enhance the appearance of your JK Wrangler’s interior while also providing superior protection.

Installation is easy and in this example, a set of CalTrend two-tone NeoSupreme seat covers are installed into this JK Wrangler Unlimited. The neoprene material is stylish and comfortable to the touch. Yet it is also strong, waterproof, and will also protect the seats from dirt, mud, and the occasional coffee spill.

The company also makes seat covers in a DuraPlus fabric which is also very popular with Jeep owners. DuraPlus is a canvas-like material that is water repellent, nearly impossible to tear or rip but is also soft to the touch.

The seat covers are marked to which seat cushions they are designed for. Because they’re designed using CAD/CAM systems, the covers fit tight over the factory seat cushions. CalTrend also provides headrest covers, and the front seatbacks feature an extra pocket to store gear or personal items. Depending on the year of your Jeep, the CalTrend custom seat covers will also have cut-outs for use with side airbags.

The installation takes about 45 minutes and simply involves slipping the covers over the seat cushions and securing the adjustable nylon retaining straps from under the seat. Once the installation was complete, this Jeep had a custom two-color appearance that makes the interior really stand out. Manufacturers like CalTrend also offer a variety of other colors, and fabrics, including camouflage, that can match your personal tastes and lifestyle. For more information on CalTrend custom seat covers, visit their website at

Installation Instructions

The CalTrend seat covers are installed by simply removing the factory headrests and slipping the covers over the factory seatback.

Headrest covers are included in the kit and attach using sewn-in Velcro strips.

The seat covers have a bottom flap that is tucked in-between the seat cushions so they can be attached from behind the seat.

The bottom seat cushion covers also have a rear flap that is tucked in-between the seat cushions so the sewn-in attachment clips can also be reached from behind.

Nylon attachment straps are routed to the heavy-duty clips from under the seat and are adjusted so that the covers are pulled tightly against the seat cushions.

Once they are on, sewn-in Velcro straps secure the seatback covers.

The rear headrests on Jeep Wrangler Unlimited models don’t detach. So the CalTrend covers simply slip over them.

Wide Velcro strips and heavy-duty zippers are used to secure the CalTrend covers to the rear seatbacks.

The covers are pulled over the factory seats and headrests and attach from the rear.

Seat bottom cushion covers also have attachment straps at the end, which need to be pushed in-between the seat cushions so they can be accessed from underneath.

The nylon straps secure the bottom seat cushion cover with heavy-duty clips and are adjusted so that they fit snug.

The passenger side rear seat cover installs in the same manner, but make sure to install it under the center seat belt.

Heavy-duty zippers, wide Velcro strips and under-seat straps secure it in place.

The finished installation gives this Jeep a custom appearance, while also protecting the seats from wear and the elements.

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