Does Honda make seat covers?

Does Honda make seat covers?

If you need protective seat covers for the interior of your Honda, there are any number of genuine Honda seat covers made specifically for your make and model. Take a look at some of the advantages of outfitting the interior of your Honda with genuine Honda seat covers.

Protective Barrier

Protecting the upholstery of your Honda from stains, dirt, food debris and unexpected spills is important. You want a barrier that is durable, water resistant and able to withstand the rigors that most seat covers endure over time. Without a protective covering, your seats could face wear and tear from the repetitive action of simply getting in and out of your car. Add to that any damage that can occur from pets, rips, tears, snags, accidents and discoloration from exposure to the sun and the environment. There is no end to what can happen with an unprotected car seat that has seen better days.

Styles, Colors and Fabrics

There are styles and colors of seat covers that are specific to the make and model of your Honda vehicle. They are made in varying materials and fabrics that are available in solids, prints, camouflage, sheepskin, denim, saddle blanket, Neoprene, leather, imitation leather, high-tech waterproof materials and other heavy duty selections, plus there are even specially designed seat covers for pets. Seat covers are available for every Honda imaginable. Whether you have a Honda Civic, CR-V, Acura, Accord, Fit, or other model, there is a seat cover to meet your needs.

Enliven your Honda Interior

Though you may not need seat covers because your Honda is newer or has been detailed, new and different seat covers can still add that certain pizzazz and enliven the overall look of your car’s interior. You can go from boring and dull with a simple seat cover change, which is easily done through a hint of color, style change and inflection of your personal taste. You can have a completely different interior in a relatively short period of time.

Tailor Made

Honda seat covers are tailor made in order to tightly fit your particular seat style. They’re fabricated to stay right where they belong for a comfortable even fit and ride. When your Honda seat covers are fashioned, your original interior equipment is taken into consideration. That means headrests, consoles, side airbags, seat switches, seat edges, levers and other areas are included in your seat cover fitting and placement process. Any of these coverings stay in place without any effects to the functioning of the interior features.

Material Makeup

Honda seat covers are tailor made in order to tightly fit your particular seat style. They’re fabricated to stay right where they belong for a comfortable and even fit and ride. Some of the fabrics or materials used in Honda seat covers are made from the following:


Neoprene is a strong and durable material used in both wet suits and other sports-related active wear. It repels spills, excessive moisture, punctures and is non-flammable. Heat absorption is also limited which makes for a comfortable and cooler ride. When you have a layer of this type of material beneath you, reverberations from road travel are going to be buffered and absorbed.


Another fabric often used with Honda seat covers is Poly-cotton which provides the comfort of 100 percent cotton along with the strength and stability of polyester. This combination of fabrics allows for breathability as well as the enhancement of circulation, which means that hot air is diffused from car seats. Your ride will be comfortable and cool as a result. Poly-cotton is also washable which makes it easier to care for your replacement seat covers if you’re in the business of working in a dirty environment.

Other Materials

Other materials traditionally used with Honda seat covers include: leather vinyl, velour, suede, terry cloth and even canvas type materials for rugged use. Leather, suede and velour ooze luxury and, let’s face it, require guided care, while vinyl is a less costly and durable option. These choices can be warm and not has breathable as other materials so if you’re into year-round comfort, a poly cotton is a good choice as is neoprene.

Whether you already have pristine seat covers in your Honda, or really do need replacements for a clean and polished look, there are seat covers made to enhance and improve upon what you presently have. Any make or model of Honda, whether on the lower or higher end of the scale, can be improved upon with just the right seat cover. Think about what a seat cover change could do for your Honda.

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