Cordura FAQ

We have pride that we know everything there is to know about textiles, and we find that Cordura fabric isn’t too much different from our DuraPlus fabric as they are both durable, waterproof and perfect for harsh conditions. However, you always have much more to learn about a fabric. You have a couple of different indications when it comes to special fabric. What is that that makes Cordura fabric special? Ever since they first started making it back in 1929, Cordura fabric has had a variety of special applications including seat covers for cars.

When we’re talking about Cordura material, you have a synthetic fabric. In some cases, they will mix this fabric with cotton. This fabric has a strong and durable side to it that makes it great. In addition, this fabric has some unique qualities that have made it a popular choice for special circumstances. For one thing, you have a high caliber fabric, and this fabric gets used for tons of different projects. Technically, experts classify Cordura as a rayon fabric. They finely tuned the traits of this fabric until it existed as a nylon style fabric.

One of the best things about Cordura fabric is that because of its synthetic fibers, this type of fabric has been built to last a long time. These fibers withstand the long-term wear and tear. In most cases, this fiber will act abrasively, and it repels waters. This is why CalTrend started manufacturing custom fit automotive seat covers from Cordura fabric.


What Is Cordura Fabric Made From?

Under most circumstances, people will make Cordura fabric using nylon fibers. However, you do have cases where they will make Cordura fabric from cotton and other natural fibers. It largely depends on the application and what they want to use it for. In some cases, you will find that they use Cordura fabric on the soft side of the luggage. You can find such a wide range of materials used for Cordura because of its wide range in weights, construction and aesthetics. You have some special version that they made with the intention of retaining its color, and you have other types of fabric that have tear resistance.

You could also choose to get the Cordura Naturalle fabric collection. This closely resembles cotton, and you have full dull yarn technologies. If you were to select the Cordura Naturalle selection, you have wovens and knits.

Where To Buy Cordura Fabric?

You have a number of different places where you can buy Cordura fabric. For example, you can visit almost any Walmart in the country, and you will have access to Cordura fabrics. These are some of the most durable fabrics around, which will give you an added benefit. Like we mentioned previously, if you want premium seat covers for your car CalTrend Cordura seat cover options should be at the top of your list.

What is Cordura Nylon?

Cordura Nylon is one of the most common forms of Cordura that you will find. It has around 10 times the strength of what you get with cotton. Meanwhile, you get three times the strength of what you would get with polyester. Why have some people chosen to prefer this fabric over the other choices? For one thing, you have much greater resistance than what you’d have with the other fabrics, and this makes it more durable. For example, this fabric can resist all forms of scrapes, scuffs and tears, which has sometimes made it popular with furniture. At the same time, you get all the awesome qualities that you might come to expect from fabrics that were made for high performance. These are fabrics that were made for the best. Regardless of the activities, you can trust that you will benefit from the toughness of this fabric. You can get an estimated 30,000 cycles before this fabric starts to break down.

What Does Cordura 500d Mean?

You often hear this question, and in fact, it has become one of the most common questions that we deal with. Cordura 500d has been made from a nylon weave, and while Cordura 500d and Cordura 1000d were made from the same material, Cordura 500d will have been made using a much thinner yarn than 1000d. You should also pay close attention to the country of origin because this can have a big impact on the quality of the material. In most cases, Cordura made in the United States will be the best type of fabric that you can depend on. The quality of the material tends to be better because you have many regulations set in place to ensure the fabric is real Cordura.

What Is 1000 Denier Cordura?

This material gives you some of the best strength that you can get with Cordura, which is why CalTrend uses it to manufacture seat covers. In fact, the US military and law enforcement have chosen to make use out of this material because of its strength, and it can hold up to a lot of abuse. Some of the ways that you will find that it gets used include wallets, camera bags, gun cases, handbags, duffel bags and purses. This fabric will have higher abrasion resistance, and it can hold up against almost anything that someone throws at them. One of the biggest advantages of 1000 Denier Cordura fabric is that in most cases, the zipper will fail long before you start to see the quality of the fabric going south.

The advantage of this type of fabric is that it won’t rot or mildew as easily as some of the other fabric choices. However, we have to understand one thing about this system. For example, when we’re talking about durability, it doesn’t talk about actual durability. Instead, we’re talking about the weight of the fabric, but many times, the heavier weighted fabric will perform better and have higher durability. Denier is a metric that they use to essentially describe the thickness and density of a product. In some cases, you may want to use a lighter type of fabric. For example, in cases where you plan to hike miles per day, it can make more sense that you would have a lighter fabric because the weight of the fabric will start to add up. Most hikers will tell you that you want to pack as lightly as possible because it will be more effective.

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