Tips To Installing Caltrend Center Seat Covers On 60/40 Split Bench Seats

Some Caltrend customers have questions on installing the front jumper seat covers on their vehicles equipped with 60/40 front bench seats. On these applications, Caltrend provides covers for the seat bottom, seat back, and the top console armrest if equipped.

While vehicle make and model applications may be slightly different, the installations typically utilize heavy-duty Velcro strips that hold the covers in place on the seats. If your application seems different, feel free to contact us for assistance, at (800) 846-8621. Or visit for more information.

The first step is to install the seat back cushion cover by tucking the back half of the cover (armrest portion) between the two cushions.

Slip the cover over the console and attach the rear portions around the back using the Velcro strips to secure both sides.

Pull the rest of the cover through the seat cushions and up over the armrest.

Slip over the top armrest cover and secure it with the Velcro straps.

Install the bottom cushion seat cover by securing the top with the Velcro strips.

The rear portion of the cover is tucked between the cushions.

The rear flap is pulled up from between the seat cushions and is held in place with a wide Velcro strip sewn to the underside of the cover.

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