What are the Best Seat Covers on the Market?


What Are the Best Seat Covers on the Market?

So you want to purchase seat covers for your car or truck? Finding the best one may be difficult as there are several companies manufacturing good seat covers today. All of them advertise that their seat covers are the best on the market. So what are the best seat covers on the market? What companies make them?

Here are five top ones:

  1. CalTrend
  2. Coverking
  3. Covercraft
  4. Wet Okole
  5. Aries

CalTrend tops the list, mainly because of its Dura-Plus entry.

These seat covers have many excellent features, including a two-year warranty. “Our USA products are manufactured exclusively in Southern California, with premium-grade, genuine automotive fabric and top quality engineering that ensures a perfect fit, every time,” CalTrend says.

Cal Trend covers are made from an ultra-tough CORDURA material that resists water and all kinds of stains. You will find them to be the most comfortable on the market and they are easy to install. No tools are needed. They are available in a variety of colors. CalTrend offers free shipping on orders throughout the United States. If you own a Cal Trend Dura-Plus cover, you have a product that will last a long time.

Coverking Is Applauded for Providing Personalized Look

Second on the list is Coverking, makers of ultra-custom, perfect-fitting slip-on seat covers. The Coverking product will do an outstanding job protecting your upholstery from damage. It has been applauded for the way it provides a more personalized look to the inside of your vehicle. A perfect look and a perfect fit are what you get in the Coverking. Coverking puts its materials through rigorous testing. You can get a quality selection of colors and patterns with the Coverking entry..

Next is Covercraft, another leader in the industry.

Covercraft’s top seat cover product carries the respected name Carhartt with it. Carhartt from Covercraft gives you a quality product and is included in a new PrecisionFit line. When it comes to protecting your vehicle’s seats from damage, this product is among the best. “For the ultimate fit, comfort, and durability in seat covers, we now have our PrecisionFit line,” Covercraft proudly reports. As an alternative to seat covers, you might want to go the Covercraft ‘Seat Savers’ route because they are so easy to slip on and off seats. They provide good protection for seats and they are machine washable. Seat Savers are available in four different materials and feature a heavy-duty, polycotton drill weave fabric that repels water. You need no tools to install or remove Seat Savers. You also have a variety of color choices with this reliable product.

Wet Okole Offers Neoprene Waterproof Covers

Among the elite firms is Wet Okole. This company offers neoprene waterproof covers and caters mostly to people with an active lifestyle. Wet Okole covers are waterproof and come in a variety of styles. They can be made to fit the specifications you desire and you can take your pick from a huge array of custom seat covers for whatever kind of vehicle you own.

“We are so confident in the quality of our car seat covers that we will repair our products for you and even offer free installation,” Wet Okole says.

Last to be mentioned is Aries with its Seat Defender product. The Aries Seat Defender is made from a 100 percent waterproof Terylene material. Its best feature is that it is a universal-fit cover that takes only seconds to install and remove. It is a fine cover for car seats and comes with a one-year warranty

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