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Subaru Seat Covers

Your Subaru is special. Whether you own the iconic Outback, the sleek BRZ or the spacious Forrester, you have a vehicle with a great reputation for quality. You can be sure your seats have the same with a set of Subaru seat covers from CalTrend.

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A Perfect Fit for Your Subaru

Many people like the idea of seat covers but don’t like the look of them. The biggest reason for this is a poor fit. CalTrend designs every one of our seat covers using cutting edge techniques that come from almost 25 years of experience. Once you place your order, we apply our top-notch craftsmanship to create a set of Subaru seat covers that fit like a glove. Combine that with our vast array of fabric choices and you’ll love how they look.

A Perfect Fit for Your Lifestyle

While looking good matters, seat covers are ultimately about protection for your seats. Whether you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast, always on the go with your active family or use your vehicle for work, our fabrics will give you the protection that’s best for your lifestyle. Our vigorously-tested materials offer an array of protection options that include UV-resistance, water and mildew resistance, compression-resistance and even a Pet Print fabric that protects against the scratches and punctures that your furry family members might cause. We strive to understand the lifestyles of our customers so we can deliver what they need most.

A Perfect Fit for Your High Standards

You won’t find a better reputation for high-quality than ours. We are known as the experts in seat covers because we have a dedication to quality that has remained unmatched for over 25 years. We design and manufacture them ourselves in our California facility where we make each one to order using state of the art technology and equipment. With a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and a 2-year warranty on every order, we can exceed your expectations.

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