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Mazda Seat Covers

As a Mazda owner, you have a car designed by a company that pays serious attention to the amount of time spent behind the wheel. CalTrend pays that kind of attention to the protection and comfort of your interior, so look no further for the perfect set of Mazda seat covers.

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Not Your Average Seat Cover

The poor fit of many seat covers can be a deterrent for many people. CalTrend has spent over 20 years perfecting and innovating our processes for making custom-fit seat covers that fit like a glove. Our commitment to quality has remained our guiding principle throughout those 20 years, so our customers get the highest quality craftsmanship backed by a 2-year guarantee in every set we make. It begins with our designs, which we do ourselves using our vast experience and innovative approaches. Then each set is made using precision cuts and stitching to exact specifications. What completes the product is the fabrics we use, which our rigorously tested and offer a great variety of protection features. Proudly made in the U.S.A., we aren’t just great at what we do-we’re fast. We have the fastest turnaround times in the industry and when you get your Mazda seat covers, you won’t even need tools to install them.

Options for Every Lifestyle

Whether your Mazda is for fun, every day driving, road trips or a work vehicle, our fabric options will give you what you need. UV-ray protection, mildew and scuff resistance, waterproof options and even protection from pet scratches are available! We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and we can only do that if we’re able to meet the needs of all the lifestyles our customers have. But we take it a step further because our fabrics offer a fantastic variety of style choices, such as Carbon Fiber for a racing style, camouflage options, DuraPlus for a rugged canvas style and many more. Make your fabric choice and order your Mazda seat covers today!