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The Top Trending Seat Covers of 2022

Are you someone who loves your car and wants to keep it looking nice? Who isn’t? Cars are big investments and if we don’t take good care of them, like anything else, they lose not only their appeal and functionality, but their value too.  

So how can you protect your interior from the everyday spills, mishaps, and wear that come with regular car use? If your vehicle isn’t just for show, these things are bound to occur—and probably often. Enter the car seat covers market.

Custom seat covers are made to fit the exact specifications of your seats, so you don’t have to worry about the factory upholstery getting stained, torn, or worn. And you can rest assured that you’ll get a perfect fit, whether you have bucket seats, bench seats, or any other seat configuration.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular car seat covers on the market today.  


Trending Car Seat Cover Fabrics  

Neoprene. Soft, comfortable, and flexible, the wetsuit-like material is long lasting and you guessed it, water-resistant. Neoprene is one of the most popular fabrics on the seat cover market because it offers extra layers of protection for your original seats with a very luxurious look and feel.   

Leather. Just because you didn’t choose leather upholstery when you purchased or leased the vehicle doesn’t mean you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Custom leather seat covers are made of premium leather and fit snugly to your seats so you can easily update the interior styling of your car without the high cost of reupholstery.  

Faux Leather. Also called leatherette or I Can’t Believe It’s Not Leather, this material gives you the luxurious style of premium leather without the high price tag. Custom leatherette covers offer extra durability and protection against mold, mildew, and the sun’s UV rays.    

I Cant't Believe It's Not Leather

Neosupreme. Similar to neoprene, neosupreme is made of a material similar to a wetsuit, offering good UV protection and helping prevent damage from dirt and liquids. They are also very comfortable, making them great for people with active lifestyles.  

DuraPlus. This canvas-like fabric is for you if your car’s seats experience heavy use because DuraPlus is one of the most durable and waterproof fabrics available. So if you have kids or pets, or you use your vehicle primarily to haul items for work or pleasure, DuraPlus seat covers are your go-to.

Trending Car Seat Cover Patterns

Hawaiian. Ever wanted to bring the spirit of Aloha into your car? Hawaiian print seat covers can do just that and more. Most are made of comfortable fabrics like neosupreme or cotton, so in addition to the island style, you’ll be giving your seats added comfort.   

Digital Camouflage. For a truly rugged look, digital camouflage is very popular. The military turned to this pixelated version of camouflage as it was more effective for blending in with the surroundings to mimic nature than previous camouflage designs.

Hunter/Sportsman Camouflage. This camo print is perfect for those who love the outdoors. CalTrend’s TrueTimber® and Mossy Oak® fabrics are both made of long-lasting UV-resistant material that also protects against mold and mildew.

American Flag/Patriotic. Show your love for America with patriotic prints on your seats. Red, white, and blue designs can adorn your interior to protect your factory upholstery while also adding style, comfort, and a sense of pride for your country.

Looking for more options?

There you have it, CalTrend’s list of the most popular trends this year for car seat covers. Custom covers are a great option for protecting your seats while showing off your own unique style. If you are looking for more options or have any questions, contact our customer service team.   

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