Cargo Mat Liners and Seat Covers Combined for Ultimate Child Proofing

Children will bring every kind of muck imaginable with them. It will get into your home and your car if you aren’t careful. You’ve child-proofed the house already. Now it’s time to get the family SUV child-proofed as well.

Seat Covers Can Help

The kids need special accommodations when they are on the road. Sometimes, fighting to keep spilled cheerios and milk off the upholstery is a lost cause. Installing a set of SUV seat covers helps to minimize the mess.

A good set of seat covers is essential to:

  • Prevent damage from pokes and tears
  • Keep spilled food and drink from leaving stains
  • Stop coloring, paint, and other art supplies from creating unwanted customization
  • Lessen the impact of car seats and accessories on the original upholstery

Look for fitted seat covers that are customizable to the exact shape and size of your interior. The firmer the fit, the less scuffing the two fabrics will do when your family slides, clambers or crawls across them.

A Cargo Liner’s Protection

While most of the action takes place in the passenger compartment, your cargo area is also going to take a beating as well. Cargo mat liners keep the area in the back clear of debris. Sports equipment, baby gear, pet accessories, and art supplies all have the potential for destruction.

Liners lay flat over the inside of the cargo hold giving you a secure place to set messy things. If you have very young children, the cargo mat also protects the interior when you need to attend to their needs. Cargo mats are easy to pull out and clean when you need to.

Cargo Mats vs Seat Covers

Cargo mats and seat covers have a similar function, but different purposes. For complete protection for your SUV or minivan, you should install both a custom set of seat covers and cargo mats. These items work together to cover the most vulnerable spaces.

At CalTrend, we make the best custom seat covers in our industry. Our dedicated manufacturing facility is in Southern California, so we can ship them to you faster than any of our competitors. Get into contact with one of our dealers to start working on a plan to childproof your vehicle right away.

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