Why are Leather Seat Covers So Popular in Cars?

We all opt for seat covers for our cars, even if they are just a suitable option to keep the original seats free from the everyday messes, wear and tear, spilled lunches, stains from the children, or just surviving the general family lifestyle.

However, the choice of covers can either ‘complete’ or ‘deplete’ the car. Many drivers opt for leather seats, but why is this a top option? Here’s a list of reasons why leather seat covers are super cool for every car:


Highly durable

Boring as it sounds, leather seat covers are very tough. They have to tolerate a lot of traffic on a daily and weekly basis. They are also likely to outlast the car as it is a highly resistant material: and its shelf-life is, well, forever. So while they come at the pricey end of the market for seat coverings, it is highly likely that you will only have to pay out one time for them.

Super cool looks

Many drivers have spoken of how leather – if not the smell – gives the interior of a car a one-off complete luxury look – no matter what the vehicle looks like externally. While stylish, leather seating is also one of those things that will still look good in years to come as it is highly water-resistant.

Low maintenance

Leather seating brings a low-maintenance element to the car. In most cases, simply dusting and cleaning it every other day will keep leather seating looking as good as the first day it was installed. And low maintenance in anyone’s language is always good!

Adaptable and comfortable

The beauty of leather seat covers is that they are very comfortable throughout their life in a car. And the bonus is that they are super cool in the heat of the summer and warm enough to endure in the depths of winter. So no hot butts in the summer, or cool behinds in the winter!

Choice of colors

To offset the cool look of an interior of a car, you can choose many colors and patterns to match the seating. This helps to give an overall, modern and complete look to a vehicle. And being adaptable in design means the choice of leather seating is yours.

Easily installed

 A highly versatile material means made-to-order leather seating can be easily added to the car’s interiors.

Envy of friends and family

No one can deny that leather interiors bring a certain chic to cars, and often become a talking point of passengers, such as friends and family, who marvel at the stylish covers. Leather seat covers will not only survive for miles and miles but will no doubt cause other drivers to think twice about their car interiors and fall in love with leather car covers.

A cool alternative

If leather is considered to be out of your price range, then why not consider a great alternative: faux leather or leatherette seat covers.

You can still dress up your car with super-cool faux leather covers, such as CalTrend’s exclusive I Can’t Believe It’s Not Leather® seat covers.

You can transform your vehicle’s interior from bland to opulent with ultra-soft, faux leather covers that not only simulate the appearance and feel of genuine leather but offer superior UV, abrasion, and mildew resistance.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a two-seater car or a truck, the tough but smooth “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Leather” faux leather seat covers add an affordable touch of elegance.

These seat covers can be made to order in the US to your vehicle’s specifications, ensuring consistent quality, fast turnaround, and a glove-like fit.

The faux leather covers are also durable, while the comfort angle is covered thanks to soft-foam backing. They are also available in eight automotive color choices and are UV-resistant which protects the seats from wear, abrasion, and fading.

The faux leather covers, which are also animal-friendly, are easily installed and come with a 2-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Although imitation leather resembles real leather in appearance, it is a less expensive alternative to the real thing. Another advantage of faux leather is that it is very easy to clean.

So it’s no wonder that such covers are a trendy choice for people who want to replace or protect their original upholstery.

These covers have the same three-layer construction design as neoprene, which makes them just as resistant to damage. Like leather, faux leather seat covers are breathable and combat the growth of mildew and mold.

So if you’re looking for the aesthetics of genuine leather seat covers but without the animal product and without the price tag, an “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Leather” seat cover could be the perfect solution.

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