Car Covers and Seat Covers Combined Protection for Inside and Outside of Vehicles

Protecting your vehicle from the ravages of time requires the right supplies. Custom seat covers and a car cover can both reduce the amount of wear that your vehicle experiences throughout its lifetime, but which one is the best option for you?

Car Covers vs Seat Covers

Covers for cars and our custom seat covers for cars have similar functions, but they work in different ways. A seat cover goes over the top of your interior seating while a car cover is used to hide your entire vehicle when you do not have a garage or a carport to store it in.

Full-size car covers provide many benefits:

  • Stop animals from making a mess of your vehicle’s exterior
  • Prevent tree sap and leaves from covering your paint
  • Reduce the number of scratches from incidental contact

Seat covers also hide the surfaces you want to protect, but do nothing to shield the painted exterior of your car. 

Our custom seat covers:

  • Reduce the scuffing and wear on the fabrics
  • Prevent stains from spills
  • Protect against tears and rips

One feature that both covers have in common is the ability to reflect the harmful UV rays away from your vehicle. Manufactured products exposed to UV rays will degrade over time. While the compounds engineers use to create the trim, fabrics and paints have gotten better, they are all still susceptible to degradation. UV exposure fades paint and bleaches fabrics. A combination of seat covers and a car cover gives you the most protection.

Why Custom Covers

You could pick up a few generic covers from any auto parts store to throw them over the top of your surfaces, but a custom cover is specifically designed to fit your vehicle. Custom seat covers offer several advantages:

  • Look just like a factory seat
  • Form-fitted to reduce friction between the fabrics
  • Made of superior materials
  • Constructed using better stitching techniques

At CalTrend, custom car seat covers are our specialty. We can design a set for you that fits with the exact shape and size of your seats and is stylized to your liking. Get in touch with one of our dealers to get started on protecting your vehicle from unnecessary wear today.

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