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Car and Truck Custom Seat Covers

We are the experts, providing top-notch Car and Truck Custom Seat Covers made with world's leading fabrics. Our unmatched quality, cutting-edge design and attention to detail have made CalTrend the number-one choice for your Car and Truck Custom Seat Covers needs.

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The importance of car and truck seat covers

There are several reasons why the car and truck seat covers are important.


The first reason is that you are going to have protection inside of your car from the high temperatures of the outside. This is going to be especially true if you have leather seats in your car. You are going to be very uncomfortable riding in your car for a long period of time if you don’t have the seat covers. Basically, you are going to feel like you are inside of a hot oven. If you have the right seat covers, then they are going to absorb less of the heat so that your bottom is going to be a lot more comfortable. This means that in the summer months, you are going to be a lot cooler and warmer in the winter months. Plus, your air conditioner and heat is going to work a lot more efficient.


The second reason is that the seat covers are going to be able to handle all of the elements of the outdoors. This means that the seats are not going to fade when they have been exposed to the heat for a long period of time. If you are going to be spending a lot of time outdoors or getting in and out of your car, you know that the seats of your car are going to be dirty. Therefore, you are going to want something like the seat covers that are going to be very easy to clean. Most of the time, the seat covers can just be wiped off so all of the dirt and grime that has built up will be gone. A lot of times this is going to happen because you are taking the children to sports or driving the dog to the vet.


The third reason is that it helps to protect you from being shocked. Your car is going to have a natural suspension system but you are still going to want an extra layer between you, the road, and the car. This is the best way to make sure that you are not going to be shocked at any point while you are riding in the car. This means that not only are you going to be comfortable when you are sitting in the seats, but the padded seats are also going to be useful when you are driving on a bumpy road. This is because it can absorb some of the bumps, potholes, and jolts that you might experience while you are driving the car.


The fourth reason is that the seat covers should not catch on fire. This is going to be very important if you are a person who smokes. There is a good chance that you have dropped a cigarette or two in the seat of your car. This type of accident is something that can damage your seats in no time. But with the seat covers, you don’t have to worry about the cigarettes or the ashes ruining your seat.


The fifth reason is that it can help to prevent the buildup of moisture. The seat covers are going to be made of materials that are going to keep any spills or excess moisture from damaging the seats of the car. This is going to be very beneficial if you have a car that has an open top. This is because the material of the seat covers are going to be able to withstand the rain that it might be exposed to and it is going to dry up quickly.