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Welcome To The CalTrend Seat Cover Blog: Our Company Commitment

CalTrend custom seat covers welcomes you to read and view content on it’s blog. The idea behind the blog is to provide more in-depth content on CalTrend’s manufacturing techniques, information on the fabrics and materials it’s seat covers are manufactured from, and to help customers choose the right seat covers for their vehicle and specific application.

All CalTrend seat covers are manufactured in the U.S.A. and are made from the highest quality materials. From its base operations located in Santa Ana, California, the company uses CAD/CAM systems to properly measure, design and cut patterns for each specific application. This ensures that every CalTrend seat cover fits tight, feels comfortable, enhances the appearance of your vehicle’s interior, all while protecting the factory seating from UV rays, dirt, mud, moisture and accidental spills.

CalTrend is also an innovator in the industry, being the first company to come out with seat covers from a variety of new fabrics and materials. While the company is constantly imitated, the quality and pride that CalTrend employees put into these hand-stitched seat covers is unparalleled in the industry. This is why CalTrend offers a two-year manufacturers warranty and why CalTrend personally contacts it’s customers after and order is placed, to ensure that the customer is getting the correct seat for their application.

For more information on CalTrend seat covers and the wide choices of fabrics and colors available, please visit their website at

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