Trending Car Seat Covers in 2018

Patriotic Seat CoversWith a brand new year, you have likely already made new goals that you are looking forward to accomplishing. Your car can help you get there, but after awhile the journey will start to feel routine. A quick and affordable upgrade to your car can keep you motivated, and an easy way while revitalizing and protecting your car is with custom-made seat covers. However, with so many good choices of fabrics and designs, it can be difficult to decide on which cover to order for your vehicle. To help you narrow down to the best car seat cover for your driving needs and comfort level, we have an in-depth look at the top trending fabrics and styles for 2018.


Rugged and Sporty Neoprene

The sporty and stylish neoprene is made out of a very rugged mildew-resistant fabric. No need to worry about accidental takeout spills; neoprene is a great choice for a custom-made seat cover since it protects against fading and is water resistant. The thick foam cushioning gives you comfort while driving to work or any long trip. It is an ideal choice for jobs and recreational activities that would otherwise damage your seats. Don’t be afraid to get out and see the world; the three-layer fabric will protect your seats from muddy tools, mountain bikes, and large pets.

Nautical Neosupreme

With wetsuit-like material, neosupreme covers have moisture protection that will protect your car seats from your aquatic gear. You can enjoy the sporty look that is similar to the neoprene but at a cheaper price. Your car interior will look great and will still accommodate your active lifestyle. Neosupreme is the best choice for the family that likes to go on adventures. Having a wet and muddy car after a fun fishing, camping or swimming trip would be a dampener. Keep everything in your automobile dry with this high-quality car seat cover fabric.

Luxurious Leather

If you are looking for a quick style upgrade, then slip on these comfortable leather seat covers. The material is UV treated and breathable, which will help prevent mildew and mold buildup on your original seats. They are custom made, precisely cut to fit snugly. You can choose from classic colors like black, grey and beige to quickly upgrade your interior aesthetics. With these covers, you can make your car look more valuable without any permanent and expensive changes. Cover your drab and worn seats with these protective and posh leather covers.

Fashionable Faux Leather

Faux Leather Seat Covers

You will not believe it’s not leather with this seat cover material that looks and feels like the real thing. They are also UV treated, breathable and moisture resistant like the leather seat covers. Another benefit is that they are much easier to spot clean. The reinforced seams add strength while the soft foam backing adds comfort to your drive. The large assortment of color choices will fit your own tastes and will add a unique flair to your cabin. Enjoy the luxury of these super soft seat covers at an affordable price.

Patriotic American Flag Covers

Show off your love of your country with style as you explore it in your vehicle. The wetsuit-like material will protect your original seats from stains and spills while showing off the stars and stripes. The unique and patriotic American flag design makes a statement and will certainly turn heads. Since Caltrend seat covers are made in the USA, these flag seat covers are very fitting to share your hometown pride.

Adventurous Camouflage Covers

Explore the great outdoors on your weekend outings with the digital camouflage style seat covers. The fabric is water resistant and durable to protect your seats from your more rugged activities. They may look tough, but these covers are soft and comfortable for long rides. Choose from popular military styles such as jungle, urban and sand. Add some style and flair to your outdoor adventure with these camouflage designs on your car seats.


Pet Seat Covers

You love including your dog on car trips, but their claws and fur can really damage your car seats. With these paw-fect print pet seat covers, you and your fur baby can ride in a unique style. Whether driving to the dog park or the vet, you can drive more comfortably knowing that the stain and abrasion resistant will help protect your car seats from their tough claws and dirty paws. Plus, they are easy to spot clean any accidents, tracked in dirt and heavy shedding. They are custom fit to stay snug so that your dog will not slide around while sitting. You can choose between tan or gray depending on your cabin interior. Pay homage to your furry best friend with this stylish and trendy print.

Customize Your Style with Trending Custom Seat Covers

The advantage of custom seat covers are very easy to install with no tools needed and they are custom-fit to your vehicle. Your ride will be more comfortable on these soft durable fabrics with eye-catching designs when you choose a trending style or fabric. Protecting your car seats has never been this fun or stylish.

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