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Car Seat Covers

Custom Car Seat Covers vs Universal: Ensuring Perfect Fit

Keeping your vehicle’s upholstery in great condition is the best way to preserve its value, maintain its look, and ensure that it stays comfortable for many years to come. While you can buy universal seat covers to protect your vehicle’s interior, getting a custom fit will be your best bet for longevity, look, and feel. CalTrend car seat covers are custom-made to your vehicle’s specific dimensions and designed for a close fit that won’t slide around and leave spots that are vulnerable to punctures, wear, and fading. Universal seat covers may offer some protection, but custom seat covers will give you the very best.

Best Car Seat Covers for Comfort

One of the biggest benefits of seat covers for cars is the way they can enhance the comfort of your vehicle’s interior. If you are a commuter or road tripper and want to make your car as comfortable as possible, it is important to find the best car seat covers. CalTrend offers luxurious, comfort-oriented materials like velour, MicroSuede, faux leather, and NeoSupreme. These materials, combined with a fit that is custom-made for your specific vehicle, will ensure that every drive you take will be comfortable and enjoyable, no matter how many miles you are putting on the odometer.

Top Car Seat Covers For Durability & Protection

Even drivers who are the most adamant about preserving their vehicle and taking care of their interior need protection. Custom seat covers give you an extra layer of defense against wear and tear. CalTrend offers some of the top car seat covers for drivers who want to maintain their vehicle’s integrity for many years. Durable materials like neoprene, DuraPlus canvas, and CORDURA give you the ultimate protection against tearing, water, and dirt. Plus, with a custom fit, you can depend on your car seat covers to stay put and keep your upholstery looking beautiful for a long time.

Which Fabric is Best?

The fabric that will be the best for your custom seat covers will depend on your particular needs. If, for example, you live near the beach or regularly go camping at a lake, you will want a waterproof material like neoprene, NeoSupreme, or DuraPlus canvas. If you are looking to take your vehicle’s comfort up a notch, a more opulent material like faux leather or velour could be your best bet.

No matter what your specific needs are, CalTrend has the best car seat covers, custom-fit for your vehicle and designed to stand up to years of use. For over 25 years, we have been the experts in custom-tailored car seat covers, offering products manufactured in Southern California and made with only the best, premium-grade materials with a perfect fit, every time.