Car Seat Covers

A great way to customize your car is with new seat covers. CalTrend makes getting custom fit Car Seat Covers for your vehicle fast and easy. Just go to our seat cover by car page and select your car to get started. Choose from a list of durable materials, colors and patterns then in a few days your seat covers will be manufactured in our Southern California factory and sent with free shipping.

Protect the seats within your vehicle with premium car seat covers. These seat covers shield upholstery from excess damage and wear. The right car seat covers can also provide additional comfort for those seated within your vehicle. In addition, seat covers allow you to customize your vehicle interior to match your personal tastes and stylistic goals. Whether parked or cruising, car seat covers can help keep your valued upholstery in showroom condition.

Guarding your seats against damage or everyday wear has numerous practical applications. For example, car seat covers keep your interiors looking like new for resale, and they can also help protect against unsightly depreciation longer. If your seats already display damage, these covers can effectively hide damage until you are ready to pay for more extensive repairs. Additionally, car seat covers allow you to completely transform your interior without making drastic or permanent changes. These interior accessories offer a great “test run” before undergoing the full reupholstering process.

Furthermore, using a seat cover simplifies the upkeep and maintenance of your car. Covers protect your seat from frequent entry and exit friction, food spills, active children, and pet dander. Whether you are carpooling or concerned about tracking mud or water into your vehicle, a car seat cover can eliminate your fears. These covers can also help guard against ultraviolet (UV) rays that stream through the windows of your parked vehicle. As an added bonus, a seat cover provides an extra layer that may enhance seating and serve as insulation from hot or cold weather.

Factors to consider while choosing the best car seat covers may include appearance, quality, functionality, and ease of installation. A look at the most popular seat covers can provide insight into selecting the right interior accessories to suit your needs.

Neoprene Seat Covers

Array your car seats with strong and flexible neoprene seat covers. These seat covers are made of a special chloroprene rubber (CR) material that encases the entire seat with unbeatable protection. This CR-grade neoprene resists disintegration more than natural rubber. Because of its unmatched durability, manufacturers use this type of diene-based elastomer to make surfing attire and diving wet suits. Similarly, the form-fitting properties of neoprene create a highly flexible seat cover that fits any car seat like a glove.

The combination of high-quality material and heavy stitching makes neoprene the premium choice for car seats. This water-resistant material is also the perfect defense against moisture, stains, or mildew. Structurally, the thick and insulated nature of this rubber substitute also resists fading and fraying. In fact, research has shown that neoprene is up to five times more durable than conventional seat covers. Combined with its silky texture, you can use these covers to make a pleasing addition to your car interior. Finally, the premium material can protect the interior from the onslaught of UV rays. No matter the make or model of your vehicle, neoprene provides a first-rate seat cover to upgrade your car seat from headrest to base.

Neosupreme Seat Covers

Drape your car seats in affordable style with neosupreme seat covers. Neosupreme is a more economical alternative to traditional neoprene seat covers. It has the same striking aesthetic appearance and sleek feel as neoprene, but neosupreme offers a more viable option for individuals working on a budget. As a polyester-blend fabric, neosupreme works with virtually seat type and fits snugly without wrinkling or overstretching.

In addition, neosupreme includes firm fabric-backing that can provide comfortable cushioning while seated. Sometimes referred to as “neotex” material, neosupreme supplies the same waterproof and wear-resistant traits as neoprene (but without the CR-grade synthetic rubber). The material protects seating from spills, sunlight, and passengers. This diverse application also makes these seat covers perfect for a range of climates (such as rainy, humid, or wintry). Finally, you can install these accessories easily without needing to use tools or remove car parts.

With its combination of rich aroma and pleasing elegance, leather is a breathable material that does not become sticky with air conditioning or perspiration. Installing leather seat covers can give your vehicle a dignified appearance whether you drive extensively or need to preserve value for resale. Highly revered since ancient times for its softness and pliancy, leather is an ideal choice for making your seat feel like a bed of luxury.

Faux Leather Seat Covers

Create a striking car interior with faux-leather seat covers. This variety has quickly become one of the most popular options for upgrading a vehicle interior. Some people describe these seat covers as “leatherette,” “pleather,” or “imitation leather.” Regardless of the name, the premise is the same. Faux leather seat covers provide sleek protection without the expense or upkeep or real leather. These seat covers make great alternatives for vegans or people with other reservations about using real animal hide. If you have pets or small children, a faux leather cover can save you from worrying about damage from scratching or cracking.

Faux-leather seat covers feature reinforced seams and foam backing that produce a strong overall structure. In particular, faux leather covers resist tearing better than other imitation materials. And since faux leather is synthetic rather than porous, it does not absorb liquid from spills or humidity. It also a way to give your interior a beautiful appearance that can withstand the bustle and activity of everyday life.

Camouflage Seat Covers

Tell onlookers that you mean business with camouflage seat covers. Often referred to as “camo” seat covers, these interior accessories sport bold military or outdoor themes. Camo covers are the perfect companions for those with an adventurous spirit and who need heavy-duty protection for your vehicle. Since the fabric resists stains and wear, each seat cover is the perfect accompaniment to outdoor excursions such as camping, hiking, or hunting.

In addition , camouflage seat covers are among the most expressive interior car accessories that you can buy. For example, hunter and mossy green seat covers both allow you to move in stealth mode like a true beast on the road. ToughCamo is an exclusive CalTrend line that evokes the adventurous spirit of the great outdoors. Installing the TrueTimber edition demonstrates your rugged ability to tackle any dilemma with integrity and ease.

For those who need precision in their prints, the Digital Camo series features color schemes straight out of an ultra-swank video game. With color palettes such as jungle green, sandy brown, and urban black, this car seat cover creates an interior fit for any quest or pursuit. For the true weekend warriors, CalTrend offers retro, military-print seat covers. Featuring canvas-like material and a classic design, these retrograde seat covers are a great way to keep you looking polished on the road.

Hawaiian Seat Covers

Infuse your interiors with vibrant design schemes that feature the enviable culture of Hawaii. Just as a Pacific isle can offer an escape from the ordinary, Hawaiian seat covers can have an uplifting effect on the senses. Stylistically, Hawaiian designs can include floral patterns, Polynesian prints, or tropical sketches. These designs brighten the dullest of materials, imbuing your surroundings with the all-encompassing feel of a holiday or vacation.

Colloquially, fans may call these interior accessories “aloha,” “Maui,” or “Honolulu” seat covers. With layouts that range from botanical to tiki, these seat covers complement every type of interior. These seat covers give you the freedom to choose anything from traditional to bohemian. Transform your car into a tropical escape each time you ride with these seat covers.

DuraPlus Seat Covers

Give your interiors universal appeal with DuraPlus seat covers. Made of high-quality CORDURA fabric, these seat covers can make your vehicle look both swank and sporty. The clean lines and straightforward style of DuraPlus can complement virtually any vehicle design scheme. In addition, the material is naturally resistant to water, tears, stains, and UV rays. Since CORDURA fabric responds well to the dyeing process, you can choose from a range of automotive hues that custom-match your vehicle.

Along with highly coveted exterior material, DuraPlus has excellent interior design traits as well. The product line features precision-cut detailing that hugs the curves and planes of each seat. Body contact points within the seat covers contain plush foam that soothes weary muscles while driving. Since many of us spend a lot of our waking hours in vehicles, the DuraPlus seat cover is an excellent investment for relieving pressure points while you ride. Even with all of these great features, DuraPlus seat covers do not require any special tools for installation. Simply use the convenient hook, strap, and cord feature to easily install your seat covers.

American Flag Seat Covers

Demonstrate your patriotism with American flag seat covers. Instantly recognizable and incessantly en vogue, these seat covers are the perfect way to express love of country. In addition to celebrating your heritage, the flag theme features a vibrant color palette that uplifts any interior.

Made of 100-percent American materials, flag seat covers demonstrate consistent commitment to quality and allegiance. The high-quality materials also resist damage and fading, allowing you to display stars and stripes for as long as you wish. Since 1776, variations of the flag have represented American strength and virtue. Whether trekking across the United States or cruising locally, drive with confidence when you install these patriotic seat covers.

Denim Seat Covers

Celebrate rugged individualism with these denim seat covers. Like their sartorial counterparts, these seat covers provide the ultimate protection and durability. Resistant to both abrasion and fading, denim seat covers supply your interior with a thick canvas that is also waterproof.

Known for the innovative use of heavyweight cotton material, denim is both attractive and functional. Originally manufactured as a fabric that could withstand hard work, denim quickly gained a reputation for reliability and heavy-duty construction. Shortly thereafter, denim also became the ultimate symbol of Western fashion and freedom of expression. Incorporate this legacy into your style by using denim as an interior car accessory. Best of all, these jean seat covers come in classic blue or posh black to suit every type of interior.


Car seat covers are among the most practical interior car accessories. Since car seats are expensive, it makes sense to invest in a high-quality seat cover rather than worrying about the upholstery. Even better, car seats allow you to easily customize the interior and switch it up whenever you wish. Never settle for dull fabric when you can upgrade to a superior car seat cover from CalTrend.

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