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The Various Uses of Neoprene

Uses of Neoprene

As you explore the seas and surf the ocean waves, you have likely used a wetsuit to keep you warm while enjoying these aquatic activities. However, you may not realize that neoprene, the material that wetsuits are made from, is not just used to make water-resistant clothing. This versatile rubber-like substance keeps its flexibility over a large range of temperatures, which makes it ideal for a wide range of uses. Here are some common places you will find this useful material.


Speaker Cones

Music can help us express our feelings and can inspire us to do our best. Now with modern technology, we can play our favorite music anywhere. When driving in your car, you can play your favorite music on a CD, the radio or your portable music player. You would need more rugged speakers in your vehicle to not only handle a wide dynamic range but to also stand up to extreme weather conditions and climates. They can even tolerate the salty air of the ocean during your beach outing.

Since neoprene is manufactured into a sheet, it can easily be cut and shaped into a speaker cone that can handle many temperature changes while amplifying quality sound. This material resonates with a rich, low-end bass tone that sounds amazing with your favorite music. It is the ideal choice when manufacturing high powered car speakers for high-quality music performance on the go.

Car/Truck Seat Covers

Your vehicle can get you where you need to go in life. In the process, however, your seats may take a beating when the things that you need to bring along start to bang, rip and stain the fabric. Neoprene seat covers offer superior protection to dirt, scratches, and moisture. The temperature resistance in the fabric can shield your precious leather seats from the damaging effects of sunlight. Plus, your seats will be comfortable to sit on even if your car is exposed to the hot summer sun or cold winter chill.

Since neoprene is water resistant, it is an ideal choice as a cover for protecting your original car seats from accidental spills, muddy mountain bikes, and drooly dogs. These type of car seat covers can easily be spot cleaned. For larger messes, they can be removed to be thoroughly hand washed and then air dried.

The strong, flexible fabric can be precisely cut from large sheets to snugly fit a whole row of car seats. In addition, the soft and bouncy material gives added comfort to your ride. You can easily upgrade your seating without an expensive investment in reupholstering your entire car interior. You can try to match your existing internal features, or you can choose a color to match your personal tastes. The sporty look of neoprene will give your vehicle a luxurious style with an adventurous feel.

Drum Practice Pads

Mastering the drums takes practice and coordination. However, rehearsal can get very loud within enclosed spaces. Neoprene drum practice pads keep your original drum tone but without all of the ear-splitting noise. You can play at a low volume and still be able to master that solo without bothering your neighbors. These drum pads can be cut to fit any of the drums in a full-size kit. The material can be stretched over cymbals, placed facing the kick pedal hammer of the bass drum pad, or placed on the head of a snare to dampen the sound. Since the neoprene material is flexible, the drumstick can bounce off the cover and still feel like a normal drum head when playing, so you can get ready for your next live performance.

Ford Neoprene Seat Covers

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