Toyota Sequoia Seat Covers

The Toyota Sequoia is an SUV known for its off-road and towing capabilities and a good combination of ride comfort and superior fuel economy. CalTrend concentrates on manufacturing custom-tailored Toyota Sequoia seat covers of unrivaled quality in the USA. We pride ourselves in using the latest technology and the best materials to create finely crafted and detailed seat covers. Customize your Toyota Sequoia with custom fit seat covers in the material, pattern and color that fits your style.

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CalTrend allows you to customize your Toyota Sequoia interior to show your unique style.  Our custom fit seat covers come in a choice of fabrics, a choice of patterns and a vast color selection. Digital Camouflage is one option that gives you three color choices to liven up your SUV’s interior. Whether you drive off-road or in urban environments, this fabric is durable, canvas-like, and UV-resistant, and will not fade or crack. Another option, called I Can’t Believe It’s Not Leather, is exclusive to CalTrend and allows you affordable luxury. These faux leather covers are very soft, offering mildew and abrasion resistance while adding elegance. Sturdy, durable DuraPlus fabric comes in seven colors and is ideal for Sequoia owners with an active lifestyle, whether they have families and pets, enjoy the outdoors, use their vehicles for work, or all of the above.

When You Need Them Fast

CalTrend has the fastest order turnaround in the industry. We fulfill 90% of our orders within two to five days and even offer 24-hour rush orders. We set the standard in exceeding customer expectations and have the fastest shipping times. Our customer service is friendly and we manufacture our seat covers in Santa Ana, CA, so you’re buying high-quality, American-made products that support keeping jobs in this country. Our workforce has more than 25 years of experience in seat cover manufacturing and using state-of-the-art computer aided design systems. Our Toyota Sequoia seat covers are made specifically for your vehicle and slip over the entire existing seat upholstery. They are made to fit, easy to install, and have a two-year warranty.