How to Install Seat Covers? Explained by Experts at CalTrend

Freshening up the interior of your vehicle can be a lengthy chore. Fixing old car seats requires a lot of skill and special tools, but a simple custom seat cover installation makes quick work of it all. Find out how easy it is to upgrade your interior with this short guide.

Cleaning Before Starting

Your new custom seat covers are going to slide right over the top of your existing upholstery. Sealing in moisture or contaminants can lead to further decay. To prevent that, make sure your seats are clean and dry first.

• Remove loose items like extra shoes and bags from the front and rear seats

• Wipe down your old seats with a clean rag

• Vacuum the seats to remove any debris

• If you decide to shampoo your old seats, make sure they dry thoroughly before proceeding.

Cleaning first reduces the risk that your original upholstery will not degrade any further.

Installing the Front Covers

The front seat covers are easy and do not require any special tools.

• Remove the headrest and recline the seats.

• Start with the seat back and slide the cover over the top

• Inch the cover down evenly by evenly pulling one side lower at a time

• Next, cover the bottom of the seat by sliding it into place

• Secure both sections with the supplied fasteners

• Cover the headrest and reinstall it.

Some patience is required with fitted seat covers. They are supposed to be snug, so they may resist you. Take your time and slowly work them into place.

Installing the Rear Covers

You will probably have to remove the rear seat entirely to perform the installation. Check with an approved repair manual for the procedures to do this. Once the seat is out, covering it is simple. Just slide the cover over the top, and secure it in place. Do the same for the rear headrests.

When you are finished, the seat should resemble the original shape. Check to make certain you have not covered any fastening points. Once you have shaped the fit to your liking, reinstall the seat in its original position.

Now that you know how easy it is to install new seat covers, find out how simple designing your perfect custom look can be. Find one of our online dealers to get started working on your new interior today.

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