Toyota Sienna Seat Covers

With CalTrend custom fit seat covers, Toyota Sienna owners can protect their seats and customize the interior to their style preference. Regardless how you use your minivan, CalTrend can provide you with Toyota Sienna seat covers to match your use. A wide selection of fabric styles, colors and patterns are available. Once you make a choice we manufacture your seat covers in our Southern California factory and get them to you with a fast turn around time.

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There are endless varieties of seat covers to discover and consider for your Toyota Sienna. From the trendy and upscale look of Carbon Fiber to the durable and protective NeoSupreme, each fabric style delivers in quality and comfort. With over 25 years of experience in the auto industry, CalTrend has perfected the application of advancing technologies and systems to create the most beautiful and efficient seat cover designs. Each custom made product is guaranteed to fit perfectly with easy installation to your Toyota Sienna’a interior.

Practical Features

A good balance of style, comfort and safety are what make your car unique. Your Toyota Sienna seat covers are made to match those values and support your particular lifestyle. There’s no need to sacrifice you and your family’s freedom to experience a comfortable and relaxing drive.

CalTrend’s quality treated products protect your seats with UV and stain resistant features to ensure you’re able to enjoy your purchase for many years. Just in case, you can rest easy with a 2-year warranty on your purchase.

Support in finding your perfect seat covers is only the first step of the 100% customer satisfaction driven approach at CalTrend. After ordering, we manufacture them in the USA with an amazingly quick turn around time and the fastest shipping in the industry.   Discover how much of a difference the addition of practical and aesthetically pleasing details can add to your Sienna’s driving experience. Keep your priorities front and center, and order the best looking and best performing seat covers for you.