Neoprene Seat Cover Reviews

Neoprene Back Seat Covers

While searching for new seat covers for your vehicle, you may be looking at various materials, such as cloth or leather. However, before you commit to either of these, consider the reasons why neoprene is a popular option for car seat covers.

Protect Your Seats Against Moisture

Used in wet suits for diving, neoprene is a highly moisture-resistant material. When used for car seat covers, it protects the seats from condensation, humidity, sweat and rain.

Even if a drink is spilled on your seat while you are driving, you need not worry about sitting in a puddle or staining your seat. Simply wipe off the surface of the cover with a cloth or paper towel to remove the moisture.

Stay Cooler in High Temperatures

Another reason for using neoprene seat covers is that the material is resistant to heat. Unlike leather or plastic, it does not absorb heat and become too hot on which to sit when the temperatures inside of your vehicle soar over 100 degrees.

Because the seats do not become overly hot, the car’s air conditioner does not have to work as hard to cool the seats. And, since there is minimal heat radiating from the material, your car’s interior will quickly cool to a more comfortable temperature.

Make Your Car’s Seats Easier to Maintain

Especially when life gets busy, it can be difficult to keep your car seat covers clean. If you have cloth covers, you have to remove them, treat any stains, wash and dry them. Or, if you have leather covers, you need to use a special cleaner and moisturizer to keep them moist and prevent cracking.

However, with neoprene, you can more easily keep your covers clean than if you have cloth or leather. You only need to use a mild detergent and water to wash them off. Also, a moisturizing agent is not needed, as the material does not dry out the way that leather does.

Resist Fading from Constant Sun Exposure

Another benefit of using neoprene for seat covers is that it is not as susceptible to the same deterioration to which other materials are prone when exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Materials such as cloth or leather will eventually become worn and faded when your car is left out in the sun day after day.

Since neoprene is resistant to these rays, it will not fade even if you park your car in direct sunlight. The covers will last longer than those made from cloth or leather.

With so many benefits, neoprene is an ideal option for use as seat covers. Consider switching out your old covers for neoprene seat covers so that your seats will be easier to maintain and last longer.

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