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Investing a new truck or retaining the value of a used one often boil down to attention on a few critical issues. For the interior, quality floor mats can save your carpets from the inevitable muck that accumulates when you track it in from the streets. When it comes to your seats, protecting them against, stains, spills, dirt, pet hair, and UV radiation help you retain personal stock in the vehicle. Once the interior is neglected, it is easy to start thinking about trading in and letting other maintenance go.

Seat covers provide comfort, washability, styling, and help you live an active lifestyle without worrying about the consequences. When you need custom-fitted seat covers for your truck, there are many styles on the market to choose from. Let’s examine the features of each below to zoom-in on what type of seat cover is best-suited for your needs.


Neoprene is the high-quality material that they use to make wetsuits from that retains a stable temperature next to your skin. It cools you in the summer and keeps you warm in the winter. This material is virtually bulletproof when it comes to protecting your interior. You will never have to worry about cigarette burns or spills again.

Neoprene is also very comfortable and resistant to UV-radiation. It retains its colorfastness and will make you feel like you are surfing the roads. Neoprene can give your vehicle a very modern look and clean feel. When it comes to maximum durability, comfort, and protection, neoprene is the next best alternative to genuine leather. One advantage that it has over leather is its temperature control that won’t freeze you in the winter and burn you in the summer.


Neosupreme is the cost-effective solution for those who desire neoprene but can’t afford it. Although it retains many of the same qualities like water resistance, flame resistance, and thermal stability, it is less expensive to manufacture. This fabric has a similar texture and provides an additional layer of comfort between your body and the stock seats.


Leather is still the choice of high-end luxury automakers for good reason. Leather has a natural anthropomorphic quality that becomes suppler when heated. It feels relaxing to the touch, almost like a second skin. It is made from an organic material that is similar to our own skin. It is breathable, naturally UV-resistant, easy to clean, spill proof, and beautiful. Although leather is one of the more expensive choices in seat covers, it has the universal appeal to make it an investment in the resale value of your vehicle.

Faux Leather

If you want the look of leather, the durability, breathability, water-resistance, and UV-resistance but you’re on a budget, faux leather is a choice option. It is easier to care for than real leather. The other advantage is that it heats up quicker and feels softer to the touch when cold. It is also easier to cool down in the summer.


A lot of Americans work in the military, have family in the military, or like to hunt. For these Americans, camouflage seat covers are exactly what puts them in that desired state of mind. These comfortable polyester seat covers come in a variety of print patterns to remind you of whatever particular tour of duty you may have served. There is nothing more American than buying camo seat covers that were made right here in the USA.


Hawaiian seat covers come in a variety of colors to create fun color-matching pattern schemes in any auto. For people who want to escape to their own private island and are not worried about the naysayers, Hawaiian prints are that fun print for living life to the fullest. These covers are made of the same type of material as our neosupreme seat covers. It’s breathable, resists UV-radiation, resists fire and water damage, and offers temperature stability.


This canvas fabric is durable, waterproof, and available in seven different colors. The material is also UV-, mildew-, and scuff-resistant. It will not fade or crack and is fully machine washable. Duraplus is one of the economical choices to obtain protection on a budget. If you have pets or children, Duraplus makes it easy to protect your automotive investment and to clean up in the event of an accident.

American Flag

Many government employees and patriots are looking for something that represents their Old Glory colors. American Flag seat covers will dress your vehicle up like the 4th of July. The striking depth of the colors and the stars and stripes pattern will make you feel like an ambassador of your country wherever you travel. This fun pattern is printed on neosupreme fabric. Neosupreme provides all the protections of neoprene on a budget. UV, mildew, flame, and water resistance hold your interior seats under a barrier of virtual glass. Let the US defend your seats by installing these high-quality seat covers.


Like a pair of favorite jeans, SmartDenim dresses up your vehicle in the durable fabric that became popular among gold miners during the California Gold Rush. People have an exceptional level of affection for their jeans and treat them differently than other clothing. There are some people who refuse to even wash their jeans and clean them any microbial growth by leaving them in the freezer overnight. Denim is a durable soft material that can become a second skin like leather when we bond with it. These SmartDenim seat covers are available in black and blue to match a variety of interiors with that unique aesthetical quality that screams country and pop culture.

Popular truck makes include Chevy, Ford, Dodge and Toyota.

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