Why Neoprene Seat Covers are so Popular

In recent years, we have seen a lot of car owners spending cold, hard cash on seat covers. They have chosen to make the upgrade from premium leather seating to neoprene seat covers. Why a person chooses to go with neoprene seat covers can be boiled down to a few different reasons. The biggest things are smell, comfort, and appearance. In many cases, handing over a little extra cash for quality seat covers to protect their premium leather seating is worth the additional expense.


Doing More Than Protecting the Leather

If all they did was protect the leatherneoprene seat covers probably wouldn’t have achieved the same level of popularity that they have had. Seat covers have the intention of protecting the leather underneath the cover. Along with protecting them from scratches, the covers protect the leather from ultraviolet rays. Whenever you leave your seat covers exposed and open to the sun, they have a strong chance of aging faster and getting worn down. While you might not see it, the sun also creates micro-tears in the fabric. This leaves it more vulnerable to bigger tears later. Do you have children? If so, you understand how spills have become a real possibility in your life. Luckily, leather doesn’t absorb liquids too quickly, which gives you plenty of time to respond. However, most drivers would prefer not to even have to respond to the problem, and seat covers are excellent protection against this.

Sharp objects have turned into another danger for car owners because they can rip the leather seating apart. Neoprene seat covers offer more durable protection against this problem because it adds another layer of thickness and cushion to the seating.

More Than Just Another Product

More than just another product, neoprene seat covers help to keep the interior of your car or truck in good condition, which is why they have exploded in popularity. For those who aren’t even sure what neoprene seat covers are, neoprene is considered one of the most stable chemicals in the world. In fact, you often see it used in wetsuits for divers who have chosen to dive into deep and murky waters. Neoprene gets used because it can withstand hundreds or thousands of pounds of pressure. Because of the material strength, divers can go into even deeper depths than ever before.

How Neoprene Translates to a Vehicle

For drivers who put it over their seats, the same effect will take place. Neoprene seat covers have become so popular because they’re up to five times more durable than your traditional seat cover. For example, when the temperatures outside hits 100 to 110 degrees, the temperatures inside the vehicle can skyrocket to 150 to 140 degrees. In case, you’re not aware of it, leather doesn’t feel good to sit on when it’s hot out. Your body sticks to it and sweats and causes problems. It feels even more like an oven inside the vehicle. Neoprene covers have a greater strength against the elements of Mother Nature. This material breathes better and helps you to adjust to the air conditioning inside the car. Neoprene seat covers use a chemical that has sometimes been used to insulate lunch bags, boots, and gloves. It creates the conditions for a cooler environment over the summer months, and at the same time, it keeps you warm over the winter months. The strong and durable materials will not only protect the seating but also makes the truck’s cooling and heating more effective because of how it has insulating properties.


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Sometimes Used for Shock Protection

Neoprene seat covers help to add one more layer of protection between the open road and you. The material has commonly been applied to use for shock absorption. On top of this shock absorption, it often adds a little extra comfort. What’s great about neoprene is that it’s a breathable material, which adds to your comfortability. Whenever you’re driving down the road, you might occasionally feel the potholes and bumps in the road. Neoprene, however, has enough padding and the material absorbs much of what you’d otherwise feel while on the road.

Neoprene has a few other desirable characteristics that have made it popular among drivers:

  • Comfortable and doesn’t irritate your skin like leather in heat.
  • Can resist tears much better than leather.
  • Totally waterproof to help you with repelling water spills.
  • This material is very thick, which means you have total protection.
  • Preventing the Buildup of Moisture

Because neoprene seat covers come from the same material that gets used to make wetsuits for surfers and divers, your seat covers will protect your vehicle’s leather from a buildup of excess moisture that will eventually ruin the materials. These seat covers have even been used with convertibles because the materials withstand the rain, and they will dry up fast. While it’s definitely not a wise choice to leave the roof down on your convertible, you have a little bit of peace of mind that even if you do experience some rain, you will be protected because of the seat covers. It protects the actual material of your seating.

Uses of Neoprene

Using Them to Reflect Your Personality

A lot of car owners have chosen these seat covers because they’re highly customizable. Many drivers take the customization of their vehicle personally because they know it reflects them as a person. You can customize your vehicle in many different ways. One of the cool things about the neoprene seat covers is how you can buy them in a variety of different styles and colors, based on what you want. Not only does it protect the car, but it will also, more often than not, go well with the appearance of the vehicle. For example, if you own a purple vehicle, you might buy neoprene seat covers that are black and purple to continue with this style.

Incredibly Affordable

Finding a seat cover that looks good and offers plenty of benefits, along with affordability, is quite rare to get nowadays. When you look at everything that neoprene seat covers can do for you, however, you understand the value of using them. You can buy neoprene for a lot less than what you might pay for some of the other durable materials with seat covers, which is one of the things that has made it popular. Save cash and at the same time, never compromise the quality of what you’re buying in the slightest.

You Can Get a Custom Fit

If you’ve ever seen these seat covers at their finest, many times, they have been custom fitted to the chosen vehicle. Everything from the seat adjusters to the safety belt buckles and the headrest will all have a custom fit. The advantage of this? It will look much tighter, and you don’t have to worry about it looking baggy. Custom-fit should also consider the emergency airbags. For example, if you have a seat side-mounted airbag, you want it to be able to deploy.

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Neoprene Seat Covers Look Sporty

One of the coolest things about the neoprene seat covers is how it adds a certain level of class to your vehicle. It looks classy, and at the same time, it makes your vehicle feel more sporty. When that’s the style you’re going for, it can add a lot of pizzazz to it to make your sporty vehicle look even better. For example, choosing seats that are red and black has a look that is somewhat sporty.

Deciding on How Many Seats You Need to Cover

Sometimes people pick these seat covers for the practical purpose of protecting the seating. It does a fantastic job of this. However, you can also choose to put them on every seat in the car as extra protection. It depends on your budget. Another thing that people have sometimes done has been to buy one at a time and slowly add to it. People choose these seat covers for the style and for the practical purpose of protecting their investment.

The Best Climates for Neoprene Seat Covers

In particular, neoprene seat covers may work well in rainy climates. The seat covers protect the seat from water in the event that it rains. Another place where these covers come in handy is for those warmer climates where you want a cooling effect on the body. These seat covers have become popular in those climates because the materials don’t absorb the heat as much, and at the same time, the seat covers protect your actual seat from the ultraviolet rays, which are often prevalent in warmer climates.

The Low Maintenance of Neoprene Seat Covers

One of the popular alternatives to vinyl seat covers has been neoprene. People have taken a liking to it because of how it remains relatively low maintenance. In fact, neoprene doesn’t take on dirt as quickly as some of the other seating cover products. Also, compared to leather, it doesn’t show visible scuff marks. If you happen to get a minor spot on the seat cover, you simply clean it off. The advantage of doing this is it keeps your seat cover looking fresh and fashionable, and prevents long-term staining. Another one of the advantages of neoprene is how it dries fast to lower the level of maintenance time. You should avoid washing neoprene seat covers too much because this will drastically shorten their lifespan.

Neoprene Seat Covers

Neoprene vs. NeoSupreme

Not to confuse the two because they’re highly different materials, but you will sometimes see one of these out there. Unlike neoprene, neosupreme will usually cost a little less, and it’s considered the faux fabric that mimics neoprene. It has both function and aesthetics. Neosupreme will usually have a little less thickness than neoprene, which means it requires less heavy stitching. One main advantage for neosupreme is the fit it creates without leading to wrinkles in the fabric. Both neosupreme and neoprene are quality fabrics, perfect for seat covers.

Car Seats are Expensive

The reason some drivers have chosen to go the extra length to protect their seat covers is that it’s much cheaper than having to reupholster the seating within the vehicle. Especially when you have a luxury vehicle like a Cadillac or Audi R8. You can wind up paying as much as $350 just to reupholster the seating of the vehicle. When you take active measures to protect your car seats with neoprene seat covers, you will wind up paying less over the long term. At the same time, it can even help to make your vehicle look twice as sporty.

Why Many Drivers Choose Customer Fit

Perhaps you chose to go with the generic seat covers. The biggest problem with this comes down to finding covers that will actually fit. These generic seat covers usually claim how they can fit most vehicles; however, you often wind up with these ugly wrinkles in the seats. They don’t fit any seat with particular ease. While custom will often cost a little more, you can always rest assured that what you have paid for will last much longer, and it will look good in the vehicle.

There is a lot of reasons why people have chosen to go the route of neoprene seat covers. What people have found they tend to be more durable than the average seat cover. Also, it’s much cheaper than letting your car seats go without any protection. In the long run, you could end up paying more than if you had bought a little protection. Not to mention, most car seats don’t look too bad, and they can add to the appearance of your vehicle.

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