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Kia Sorento Seat Covers

The Kia Sorento offers three rows of seating, making it the perfect vehicle for traveling and the carpool. Kia Sorento seat covers exist for all three rows of seating, making it easy to get a uniform look and ensure that all of the seats in your vehicle are protected.

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Install Your Seat Covers Quickly

Installing your new Kia Sorento seat covers is not difficult and you can easily do it with little time. You do not have to worry about finding the right tools since our tailored seat covers require no installation tools. Our covers are made to perfectly and seamlessly cover all parts of your seats. If you have airbags in your seats, we can utilize a special design to make sure that your airbags can deploy safely if this is ever necessary. You do not have to worry about removing any upholstery during the installation process because all CalTrend seat covers are manufactured to fit over your factory seat materials. Simply slide the seat covers into place and use the attached straps to properly secure them so that they are not moving around. After you put them in place, you know your seats are protected.

Get Excellent Customer Support

Picking out your custom Kia Sorento seat covers is a relatively simple process with CalTrend. We help you navigate the entire process and choose the colors, materials and other specifications that are perfect for your needs. You know that our seat covers are superior because they come with a 2-year warranty so that you do not have to concern yourself with frequent expenses associated with replacement. Do not wait to order your new seat covers because they ensure that your interior is stylish and protected. Enjoy our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee so that you can be confident that we are offering the best seat covers possible.