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TrueTimber FAQ


How to fold down a Truetimber hub blind

When taking down a Truetimber hub blind, start by lifting the blind by the top so that it is raised above the ground. Then take your other hand and push in the side so that the blind is flattened. Fold the blind in half, from top to bottom. Still holding the blind down so that it doesn’t open up, grab the side of the blind closest to you and turn it away from yourself. The other side should begin to fold over, making a circular folded shape that can be easily carried. This may take some practice, be sure to follow each step carefully and remember that the blind will pop back open if you do not hold it down until it is completely folded.

How to take back off bass Truetimber bluetooth speaker

Look for the instructional booklet that comes with your device and reference the design in order to find out how to best remove the back of your bluetooth speaker.

Where to buy Truetimber camo?

If you want to buy Truetimber camo, search for and see what they have to offer. On the main page of the website, click “shop fabrics”. From there, look at the camo seat covers to find the Truetimber camo. It will have its own place on the list.

How to use Bass Pro Shops Truetimber bluetooth speaker?

In order to first use your Bass Pro Shops Truetimber bluetooth speaker, take it out of the packaging and prepare to charge it. The speaker comes with a rechargeable battery that can be plugged into a wall charger via an included cable. It will take about 1 hour to charge and hold a charge for 2.5 hours. After it’s charged you must pair the bluetooth speaker to your bluetooth music player or other device. Find, in the instructions manual, how to set the device into pairing mode, then connect your bluetooth player to the speakers. Buttons on the speaker allow you to control sound volume as well as pause the music, as well as other operations such as hanging up a phone conversation. The proper way to use this device is to play music that is stored on your phone, or to connect the speaker to a radio so that you can listen to it in higher quality.

Who makes Bass Pro Shops Truetimber mini quad 6v ride-on toy for kids?
The Bass Pro Shops TrueTimber mini quad bike is a product designed by Truetimber and manufactured overseas.

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