Hyundai Seat Covers

Hyundai owners appreciate quality. You depend on your vehicle for all your travels and adventures and need your Hyundai seat covers to withstand every wet towel, spilled drink, and muddy pants that come along with playing hard. We have plenty of options to meet the needs of your busy and sometimes chaotic life.

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Finding Your Style

Ask yourself what things come in contact with your seats. Are there frequently spilled drinks? Do you sometimes cart around muddy kids after soccer practice? Does your family enjoy the water at the lake or beach or going fishing? Determining your needs can help you narrow down which fabric is the best choice for your vehicle. Most are stain, mildew, and UV resistant but some fabrics are also water repellant and abrasion resistant.

Knowing your needs is part of the equation, finding your style is the other piece. We offer fabrics that are the epitome of luxury and class, others that are the definition of sophistication, and some that are simple, yet versatile. Our fabrics come in a variety of colors to match the look of your vehicle and your individual style. One you have selected your style, we begin the process of making your customized seat cover that is designed to fit the exact specs of your vehicle.

Unrivaled Quality

All Hyundai seat covers are guaranteed to fit. We use premium automotive industry fabrics that are precision cut with our state-of-the-art technology. Each seat is sewn with top-quality stitching and webbing to ensure a durable seat every time. We are a US company based out of California, and we focus solely on making the best seat, armrest, headrest, and console covers that we can. We pay close attention to detail and value our customer’s satisfaction. We are also known for the fastest shipping in the industry, so your Hyundai seat covers will be at your door quickly allowing you to focus on spending more time on the road.