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Lexus Seat Covers

At CalTrend, we know that Lexus drivers demand quality and performance. That's why we strive to offer Lexus seat covers in fabrics and colors that contribute to the driving experience as well as protect your vehicle's upholstery from UV rays, mildew and abrasions. Order now, and see the difference our dedication to quality makes.
What are the first words you think of when you hear people talking about Lexus seat covers? If it were up to us, you would think of comfort and luxury. Take our premium leather seat covers, for example. We have a team of experienced tailors and manufacturers at our headquarters in Santa Ana, CA who design and craft every request in-house to each customer's specific order. That gives us the ultimate control over the quality of everything involved: materials, design, craftsmanship and service.

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We’re proud of our top-of-the-line leather Lexus seat covers, but we also have several other luxurious alternatives. For pure comfort, we’d recommend the luscious velvety texture of our MicroSuede covers. They’re available in an array of automotive colors to match your Lexus. Our SuperSuede is also a good alternative due to its elegant two-tone appearance. If you’re interested in leather but would prefer a direct alternative, we’d suggest trying our I Can’t Believe It’s Not Leather® line of covers. This material is nearly impossible to distinguish from natural leather, with the same feel and protective quality at an attractive price.

Made in the USA

We’re proud to be an American company, partly because it lets us offer you the best service available. We make these seat covers from scratch right here in Santa Ana. We’re quick, too: our manufacturing capabilities and drop-ship methods combined mean that nearly all of our orders arrive within a few days of client request. Contact us with your questions or comments, or to request more information about a product. If you know which Lexus covers you want, go ahead and order now.