Toyota Highlander Seat Covers

The Toyota Highlander SUV is all about a driving experience that caters to usability and comfort. CalTrend is the most reliable manufacturer specializing in products that offer the same qualities. With a wide variety of custom fit Toyota Highlander seat covers, you can match the versatile spirit of your Highlander to practical and stylish interior furnishings.

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Quality Protection

CalTrend delivers the most protective and durable materials perfect for your Toyota Highlander. Throughout the design and manufacturing process, sophisticated and up-to-date technologies are used to create perfectly fitted and naturally UV and wear resistant products. With an experienced manufacturer that’s been earning respect in the industry for over 25 years, customers can depend on quality in every purchase. There’s no need to worry about a complicated installation process. CalTrend custom seat cover for Toyota Highlander models fit tightly and are easily installed without tools or hassle.

Varieties for All

CalTrend offers a large selection of fabric materials and colors to cater to your specific needs as a customer. Custom fabrics like DuraPlus and NeoSupreme are top of the line in sturdiness and perfect for families, while I Can’t Believe It’s Not Leather allows for a touch of luxury and elegance to match the Toyota Highlander’s upscale style. Whichever option complements your life the most, each seat cover is made for your specific Toyota Highlander model and interior design. The extra third row seat, armrests, headrests and consoles are all included if necessary.

After ordering your Toyota Highlander seat covers, enjoy an incredibly quick turn around time and the fastest shipping in the industry. With a 2-year warranty and a 100% customer satisfaction attitude, CalTrend is committed to ensuring you receive the perfect products and service as soon as possible. Keep your Highlander’s seats protected and dressed to your liking so you can focus on arriving to your destinations and doing what you love.

Don’t settle for universal seat covers which generally result in an imprecise fit. Our seat covers are made custom fit to your Toyota Highlander . Take your pick from a number of fabrics and patterns which include neoprene, faux leather, camo, pet print, neosupreme and Hawaiian. CalTrend’s Toyota Highlander back and front seat covers are Made in the USA and match perfectly with any number of dash covers.