Honda Civic Leather Seat Covers

One of Honda’s longest-serving lines, the Civic was originally released in 1972. The line has seen many changes over the years, going from a small subcompact car to its current mid-size sedan iteration. Beginning in 2016, Honda introduced the tenth-generation Civic, which features a fastback design and is considered a huge upgrade over the previous ninth-generation model. All told, the Civic is one of the best-selling models of all-time with more than 18.5 million sold.

Whether you prefer genuine leather seat covers or faux leather/leatherette seat overs, or another popular fabric or pattern (like mossy oak), CalTrend has you covered. Don’t skimp on your seat covers, they are just as important as floor mats, dash covers and other interior accessories. So get your quality Honda Civic seat covers now!

CalTrend is the leading provider of Honda Civic leather seat covers.