Car Floor Mats & Seat Covers Combined Protection Highlights

The interior fabrics of your vehicle’s seats and flooring take a real beating over time. No matter how careful you are, they will wear out unless you protect them. Car seat covers and car mats can both help extend the life of your interior, but which should you use?

Advantages of Seat Covers

Seat covers slide over the original upholstery. They protect your fabrics from:

  • Scuffing, wear, and abrasions caused by repeatedly sliding across the seats
  • Punctures, rips, and tears from tools, cleats, pens, etc.
  • Stains and food particles from food and drink spills
  • Sun fading caused by UV exposure
  • Mildew and bacteria contamination that builds up over time

Generic seat covers are okay, but our custom seat covers are even better. They are form-fitted to the shape of your seats. They hold firmly in place without shifting around while you are driving.

Advantages of Floor Mats

Keeping your seats clean is important, but gravity eventually pulls every single contaminant to the floor sooner or later. The carpets can be destroyed by a single spill. Have you ever been in a vehicle with a milk stain in the summer? That foul rotten odor just does not come out of the carpets.

To help prevent damage to your interior, your floor mats:

  • Prevent debris from shoes from being ground into the carpet
  • Catch spills and absorbs liquids
  • Stop holes from being stomped into the carpet from sharp heels

Your floor mats are also convenient because you can remove them to clean them. When they are worn, just discard them and get a new set.

Car Floor Mats vs Seat Covers

One isn’t better than the other: They have different jobs and work best together. The truth is that you need both car seat covers and floor mats to fully protect your vehicle’s fabric from damage.

At CalTrend, we specialize in making the best custom seat covers available in the market. We have dealers available 24/7 online. Contact one of them to get started creating your custom interior protection. If you have trouble finding a dealer, send us a message and we can help you get connected.

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