Patriotic Seat Covers

Patriotic Seat Covers

To protect your investment in your vehicle, adding seat covers to protect the cloth or leather of your interior is relatively cheap. On top of that, installing the seat covers is easy as well. Seat covers come in all types and styles of print to help decorate the interior of your vehicle. And what better way to show your pride than to cover your seats with patriotic seat covers.


American Flag

The first available option to help make your vehicle look as patriotic as possible is to add the old stars and stripes pattern from our national flag to your interior. The pattern is a beautiful mix of red, white and blue, spread out in a fashion that highlights the white stars on the blue background of our flag. The red stripes are mixed within the pattern and large white stars complement the rest of the pattern throughout the seat cover.

These seat covers are custom designed to fit your vehicle’s seats and come easily to install with no tools required. To keep them even more patriotic, the seat covers are made in America. The covers are made with ultra-UV-resistant material and are immune to wear and tear, abrasion, liquid spills and mildew.


Nothing screams “America” like camouflage seat covers, which have become a very hot style on the interior of vehicles. If you are an outdoorsman or woman, the camouflage seat covers will let your passengers know you mean downhome, American business when they take a seat on a neat camo pattern.

The seat covers come made-to-order based on your vehicle measurements and once again are fully made in the United States.

Digital Camouflage

To step it up a notch from the traditional outdoors camo, the digital camouflage comes in a slick pattern of black, gray and white that will spruce up your interior and let your riders know that you mean business. Nothing says you are a true patriot like the digital camo pattern. Also available in the digital camouflage package are a shade of green pattern, with green, black and tan hues as well as a shade of brown pattern, with dark brown, light brown and tan colors.

The digital camo seat covers are soft to the touch and come with extra padded cushioning which help make for a soft ride. And, as always, the digital camouflage seat covers are 100% made in the USA.

Retro Camouflage

The pattern of the retro camo resembles the camouflage pattern that all red-blooded Americans know from the United States Army. Any true patriot can appreciate the classic look of this camo pattern and when it graces your seats on the inside of your vehicle, people will see what kind of American that you are.

Camouflage patterns are the ultimate in patriotic seat covers. The fabric is cut and tailored to your specific vehicle and will be easy to install once you order it.

Tough Camouflage

The sleek look of the tough camouflage will look very familiar to the all-American duck and deer hunters out there. First up, the brown marshland camo shines with its reed grass camouflage pattern that every duck and goose in the country will recognize. When spread across the seats of your truck, your 12-gauge shotgun will look slick riding to the watering hole. When your dog jumps in the back with wet, muddy paws, you’ll be assured that the protection provided by the tough camouflage seat covers will be protecting your seats to the fullest. The next in line in the tough camouflage pattern is the dark tree limb and brown/green leaf pattern. Common among the deer hunting brethren in America, your wet hunting gear and archery equipment will look nice laying across your rear seats and you’ll get peace of mind knowing the protection the covers are giving you.

The tough camouflage seat covers come with a lacquered topcoat to make sure that their durability is at peak performance while remaining comfortable to any passengers. And, once again, they are 100% American made.


The always popular Hawaiian print looks super for those days where you may be cruising around the town or headed to the local waterhole for a swim. The print comes in a solid color while small Hawaiian flower print penetrates the rest of the seat cover in white. The colors that the seat covers are available in are black, red and blue. On top of the solid color print, all three color also come in a flower print down the middle with black trim all around the edges, making for a possible of six total pattern combinations available.

The all-American Hawaiian print will help provide protection to your seats with its wetsuit-like fabric when your sandy-bottomed passengers climb in your seats after a long day at the beach. As always, these come made to order to your vehicle and are easy to install.

It is easy to show your true American colors with patriotic seat covers that come in true-blooded USA patterns. Whether they are covering your seats in a Hawaiian, camouflage or American flag pattern, your passengers will be sure to know that you are a true patriot.

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