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neosupreme seat covers

Seat covers make an old car look new again. The right covers fit tightly, resist spills, and feel great to the touch. Shoppers can turn to Neosupreme for the right fit, feel and stain resistance. More affordable, Neosupreme lets you get the personal look you want for your vehicle for less.


What does Neosupreme feel like?

Fabric experts designed Neosupreme to feel soft and luxurious. It has a breathable feel with a surface that feels good to the fingertips. Drivers and passengers won’t mind if they are wearing short sleeves or shorts. The fabric feels good to bare skin. There are many different looks, but the “touchability” is always the same. Perhaps the truest test is how good the seat covers feel when drivers have to take a long trip.

Are Neosupreme seat covers waterproof?

Neosupreme was developed with families in mind. When water or any other liquid spills, it meets a barrier that reduces the chances that it will soak through. Keeping the liquid on the surface allows for it to be wiped away. The fabric is made in layers to help it stand up to minor spills and abrasions. For adventure-minded owners, this washable fabric makes it easy to clean up after time spent on back trails.

What does Neosupreme mean?

Neosupreme refers to a stylish material made in layers to withstand abuse. It is offered at a lower price than the same covers made with CR-Grade Neoprene rubber materials, also made by the same manufacturer. Neosupreme covers come in a variety of colors. They can be used to hide old upholstery or simply to dress up a cabin, reflecting the owner’s personality. Favorite uses include creating a racy look in a sports car, adding flair to an off-roader, or protecting the interior from the messes little children make.

How to clean Neosupreme seat covers

If you have a stain, you start with a damp cloth to wipe the dirty area. A product, such as Simple Green, may be needed for extra cleaning. Once done, you should use a damp cloth to wipe the area again. If you want to clean the entire surface, you can leave it in place or take it out for access to hidden areas. It should not be left out in the rain. You can hand wash these covers with Woolite, but they should not be placed in the dryer.

How to install Neosupreme seat covers

These seat covers are designed for easy installation. They will not interfere with power-adjustable features or with fold-flat features, common to most vehicles. Each one is made specifically for your car, SUV or truck. Thus, it is tailored to specific seat contours. Front seats do not need to be removed for installation, and the original upholstery is left in place. However, in some cases, the rear bench may need to be taken out to allow the straps to be attached. Generally you start by placing the back rest over the top of the seat. You pull it down to prevent gapping between the cover and the seat. Straps are used to attach the cover underneath the seat cushion. you’ll want to tighten them to achieve a snug fit. Once the covers are fully in place, lean the seat back and tuck in access material before returning the seat to an upright position. In some cases, you will have to detach carpet flaps that are clipped under the bottom seat cushion. If your headrests are separate from your front seats, the headrest covers will be separate as well.

What are Neosupreme seat covers?

Neosupreme seat covers are an affordable way to update the interior of your car. Each one is made to the exacting specifications of your vehicle. This ensures a good fit and allows you to utilize all car features, such as seat belts or LATCH attachments for carseats. Easily removed, they can be washed and put back. Available in a variety of colors, these covers can add personality to the interior. By covering up the old upholstery with something handsome and new, an aging car gets a new look. Families can wipe up spills without feeling like their kids are damaging the car’s upholstery. Adventure lovers, the kind who drive trucks, Jeeps or other four-wheeling SUVs, can have their fun and get cleaned up afterward. If you want to make your ride look good, Neosupreme seat covers will do the trick.

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