NeoSupreme vs Neoprene: Which Seat Cover Material is Best?

Part of designing your perfect custom interior is selecting the right material for your seat covers. Neoprene and NeoSupreme are two popular choices. They sound very similar but are two different fabrics with different advantages and disadvantages. Find out which is best for you with this Neoprene vs NeoSupreme seat covers comparison.

About Neoprene

Neoprene is the same fabric used by scuba divers and surfers for their wetsuits. It is a high-quality material that holds up during competitive sports. It has several desirable features:

• Strong and resistant to tears

• Completely waterproof and repels spills

• Comfortable feel that does not irritate the skin

There are a couple of drawbacks to working with neoprene. It tends to be expensive. This isn’t such an issue for sportswear applications, but it is a problem for car seat covers. Covering a human body with a wetsuit does not require the same volume of material as the whole inside of the vehicle. When you are customizing your interior, the cost of Neoprene starts to add up.

It is also a very thick material that requires heavy stitching. And getting the seams to line up correctly and hold firm over long-term use requires a robust industrial sewing machine. These special tools and techniques also make Neoprene seat covers more expensive.

About NeoSupreme

Fortunately, there is an alternative fabric that offers many of the same benefits at a lower cost. NeoSupreme is a faux fabric that mimics Neoprene in both its aesthetics and functional qualities. It has the same look and feel, and seat covers made from this fabric are also waterproof.

It is recommended as a substitute for the following reasons:

• Lower initial cost for the fabric to begin with

• Fabric has a backing that makes it easier to create durable stitches and seams

• Creates a fitted look for covers without the same wrinkles caused by stretching.

At CalTrend, we can help you set up your interior just the way you like, and we have a solution to fit your budget. To find out more about each custom seat cover design and fit, get in contact with one of our online dealers.

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