Installing CalTrend DuraPlus Seat Covers On A 2014 Chevy Silverado Pickup

By far, the 2014 Chevy Silverado is one of the most popular trucks used for work and weekend activities. So it’s no wonder truck owners want to protect the vehicle’s seats from excessive wear and damage. Fortunately, manufacturers like CalTrend, offer a variety of U.S.A. manufactured seat covers that not only provide optimum protection, but also fits truck owner’s lifestyles, and can actually enhance the appearance of the factory interior.

For those Chevy Silverado truck owners who work hard and play hard, CalTrend recommends DuraPlus fabric seat covers. DuraPlus fabric is a high-quality canvas-like material that is tear and scuff resistant to protect against abrasions. It’s also mildew resistant and UV-treated to provide superior protection from the elements. It’s perfect for trucks that get lots of use but with a fit that, at first glance, looks like new upholstery.

Constructed with reinforced seams and a laminated foam backing for extra comfort, the CalTrend DuraPlus seat covers are durable and comfortable. In addition, CalTrend adds an extra-large gear pouch to the back of the front seat covers that make it handy to carry personal items.

For the 2014 Silverado 1500 four-door, the seat covers simply slip over the factory seats and are secured with built-in, double-stitched straps that route under the seat cushions and won’t interfere with under-seat storage systems. Covers for the headrest and the flip-up center console/armrest are also included. In addition to easy installation, CalTrend is the only seat cover company that contacts you when you order, to double-check on the proper configuration of your truck’s interior. In most applications, your custom made seat covers will be delivered to you within a week. For additional information on selecting the right seat covers and choices of fabrics and colors for your vehicle, visit

 Installation Instructions

The 2014 Chevy Silverado factory seats can quickly show signs of wear,
but can be easily protected with a set of CalTrend DuraPlus seat covers.

The CalTrend DuraPlus seat covers are precision measured and cut
for each application. Remove the headrest and slip the seat covers over the factory seatback.

The seat cover bottom is tucked in-between the seat cushions so that the
sewn-in straps can be accessed from behind the seat.

The other half of the seat cover is placed over the bottom
seat cushion and the end of the cover is tucked in between the cushions.

Sewn-in straps with double stitching are used to secure the seat covers.
The straps are attached using heavy-duty adjustable clips.

Final adjustments are made to the seat covers so that they fit perfectly
over the cushions with the ends tucked into the plastic molding.





Covers are also included for the headrests and easily slip into place and are secured with the sewn-in Velcro strips.

Depending on the configuration of the vehicle’s seats, CalTrend will also
provide the center console/armrest cover as well, which is also the seat
back for the middle seat on some models.

The seat cover is then tucked between the top and bottom center seat cushions.

The armrest cover slips over the top of the armrest and attaches using the
sewn-in Velcro straps.

The bottom of the center seat cushion slips over the top.

Velcro straps that are sewn into the bottom center seat cushion grip
the factory carpet under the seat.

The finished installation for the front seats looks great and provides
long-lasting protection.

CalTrend seat covers are compatible with factory side air-bags
and feature an extra-large storage pocket behind the front seats.

The rear seat covers are installed in the same manner as the front.
Simply slip the covers over the seat cushions and tuck in the straps
so they can be accessed from under the seat.

The straps are adjusted so the covers fit tight over the
top and bottom seat cushions.

Center armrest covers are also provided and are precisely cut to
fit around the factory cup holders.

Headrest covers for the rear seats are included and are attached
with the sewn-in Velcro strips.

CalTrend’s DuraPlus seat covers give this Silverado a custom-looking
interior that not only looks great but also provides the highest level of
abrasion and wear resistance.

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