Dash Covers and Seat Covers Combined Protection and Versatility

Selling a car with a worn interior is much harder to do than a car with a clean interior. Buyers often conclude that if the inside is fresh, the vehicle is in great mechanical condition as well. Car dashboard covers and car seat covers can help protect your vehicle’s value, and they also customize its styling at the same time.


Car seat covers and car dashboard covers have a similar purpose. They just protect different things.

When installed correctly, seat covers prevent:

• Rips and tears caused by sharp objects in pockets

• Scuffing of the seat from repeatedly sliding across them

• Stains caused by spilled food and drink

• Fading and cracking caused by UV exposure from the sun

Dash covers also protect against the harmful rays of the sun. That is the primary reason for having a dash cover. Dashboards are made of synthetic materials. The windshield acts as a lens that focuses the rays of the sun onto it. The heat and the UV rays cause the compounds to break down in a process known as UV degradation.

While manufacturers have gotten better about creating compounds that resist UV degradation, the heat can still cause warps and cracks. A fitted dash mat keeps the UV rays of the sun off the dash, and it also helps to keeps the surface cooler to the touch.

Custom Style

Customization is another great reason to install seat covers and a dash mat. A fitted set of seat covers is always preferable to generic covers. They snuggly hold to the contours of your seats which reduces wear and helps them to hold their original shape.

A fitted dash mat is molded to the shape of your dashboard. It sits securely in place and doesn’t slide around while you drive. This is important to avoid being distracted on the road.

You can select any color or design characteristics you want to completely transform the interior look of your vehicle. Off-the-shelf products only give you a few options, but you can get truly creative with a customized set.

At CalTrend we specialize in creating unique car seat covers. Get in contact with one of our dealers to get started designing your vehicle’s interior protection today.

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