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Are CalTrend Seat Covers Compatible With Side Air Bags?

We are pleased to inform you that we have been selling Custom Tailored Seat Covers to Car Dealers and Customers for about 30 years. Side Air Bags were introduced sometime in the early Nineties and initially, there was resistance by the Car Dealers to sell Custom Tailored Seat Covers to their Customers, however, once they saw our Custom Seat Covers specifically designed for Seats with SAB, they were convinced and have been selling on a regular basis without any problems or complaints.

While we have not carried out any laboratory tests on our Seat Covers that are made to just ‘slip-on’ the original upholstery; the very fact that there has not been a single case of any malfunction on seats with SAB covered by our Custom Seat Covers is a true “field” test. Besides, there has not been any mishap with other manufactures of the ‘slip-on’ Custom Tailored Seat Covers either.

For Car Dealerships Interested In Custom Seat Covers

To give you a better idea of our Seat Covers designed for seats with SAB, we can arrange to send you samples of our Driver Side Seat Covers for relevant vehicles that are top sellers at your Dealerships. Please take a look at our designs and let us know your needs on our contact form here.

For further information, we can also provide our emails from our Trade Association SEMA and also details of our Insurance Policy (which has never been required) but is there to satisfy our customers for their “comfort feel”

Thanks for showing interest in CalTrend!

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