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We are the experts, providing top-notch Ford Excursion Neoprene Seat Covers made with world's leading fabrics. Our unmatched quality, cutting-edge design and attention to detail have made CalTrend the number-one choice for your Ford Excursion Neoprene Seat Covers needs.

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Anyone who has paid attention to what Ford produces should not be surprised to see that the company loves to cater to those who have king-sized hauling needs, and the Ford Excursion is certainly no different to this idea. The full-size SUV was made for five years starting at the turn of the millennium, and it is considered to be both the heaviest SUV and the longest SUV that Ford has ever produced. The first year the Excursion was available, there was just the base XLT and the Limited trim to choose between. In 2003, the Eddie Baur trim level was introduced as a mid-range choice, and the XLS was added the following year to adjust the hierarchy. CalTrend Ford Excursion Neoprene Seat Covers are 100% Made in the USA.

CalTrend is the leading provider of Ford Excursion Neoprene leather seat covers.

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